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By Stephen Hadland
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Culver City Trader Joe's Robbed

Chain Installs Cameras After Previous Robbery


April 26, 2018

The Trader Joe's in downtown Culver City was robbed at gunpoint on Thursday, April 12. The thieves collected $4800 in cash from the store manager.

Another Culver City Trader Joe's store, on Slauson in the Fox Hills Mall shopping center, was robbed last year.

The robbery appears to be part of a larger operation targeting Trader Joe's stores throughout the westside, and as far South as Long Beach. At least seven stores have been targeted in recent months.

The robbers appear to have fled on foot after the late afternoon hits.

No arrests have been made. Culver City Police are examining video footage from nearby cameras.

Trader Joe's installed camera's after last years robbery..

Los Angeles police are investigating four armed robberies at Trader Joe's in the last month. A group of three or four people walk into the stores, identify an employee, and then "go for the money," according to reports by the Los Angeles Times.

None of the robberies involved any injuries. Investigators believe the Culver City and Los Angeles robberies may be connected.

Police have asked anyone with any information about the robberies to call CCPD, or to submit tips to this hotline: 1-800-222-8477.


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