New Owner for Frank Sinatra's Culver City Hangout


April 12, 2018

Dear John’s on Culver Blvd has a new owner, Ben Myron. He promises excitement ahead!

The iconic sign will stay the same; Myron plans to keep the sign, now decades-old, as a tribute to the bar's history.

Frank Sinatra loved the food. He convinced owner Johnny Harlowe, who once graced the silver screen, to open a restaurant. Dear John's was born in 1962.

Harlowe had met and befriended Sinatra through his work in the early 60's with the Johnsons’ Boys Club.

Dear John’s was a 60's watering hole for celebrities, studio execs, musicians, actors, local politicians - and anyone who desired a stiff drink.

Sinatra was known to sit at the piano, and tickle the ivories from time to time. Often Frank Sinatra Jr., Gregg Allman, Barbra Streisand and Chad Everett stopped by.

Myron owns the 82-year-old Backstage bar & Grille, across the street from Sony Pictures Entertainment (the old MGM lot), and Mom’s Bar in Santa Monica.

We'll have to wait and see what Myron has in store.


Reader Comments(3)

Eric writes:

Just saw what the new ownership has done with the place. Totally destroyed the vibe. No live music, no booths, not a steak house. Just another generic hipster hangout. FAIL FAIL FAIL.

keepthesame writes:

I have been going in their for over 30 years. my parents,etc. had good times their. I know he let go one of my favorite waitresses, very sad to hear that. Don't change the place too much. enjoyed it has it was. Bring back Champagne breakfast on Saturdays and Sundays.

eric writes:

excitement? that doesn't sound good. Dear Johns was always a place where you could relax. sounds like he may be ruining it as we speak.


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