Rona-Tuttle Backs Fisch & Lee

Dear Editor,

Why I Am Supporting Daniel Lee and Alex Fisch for City Council:

With great enthusiasm and abundant hope I am supporting Daniel Lee and Alex Fisch in their bids for seats on our City Council.

These two gentlemen are uniquely qualified to be our city councilpersons. Daniel Lee, a social worker, and Alex Fisch, an environmental attorney. Both endorsed by the Sierra Club and by countless other entities and individuals, among them the Culver City Democratic Club and the Los Angeles County Democratic Party.

One of the most pressing issues this city faces is the dangers of the Inglewood Oil Field. Another pressing issue is our lack of affordable housing, which includes (but is not limited to) the personal upheaval caused when rents rise so greatly that families are forced to move, and the tragedies faced by the homeless people struggling to live here.

Daniel Lee and Alex Fisch are highly intelligent and articulate individuals greatly knowledgeable about the very issues that should trouble us most.

Their knowledge of the Inglewood Oil Field, its dangers, the methodologies of oil production—including fracking—and our city’s Draft Environmental Impact Report (DEIR) is valuable beyond measure.

Their knowledge of affordable housing and renters’ rights, as well as the applicable laws and practices in Culver City, other cities throughout the county, and the State of California, is valuable beyond measure.

Critically, they know current law and current policies regarding these problems. And perhaps most important of all, they have a deep understanding of public policy and are ready to propose policies that would greatly mitigate the problems we face.

These two gentlemen are well qualified to tackle the revamping of our General Plan—our city’s great opportunity to affect everything from traffic congestion, to development, to fiber optics, to implementation of renewable sources of energy, to greater sustainability—you name it!

Please vote Tuesday, April 10th,, for Daniel Lee and Alex Fisch!

Rebecca Rona-Tuttle

Culver City


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