City Attorney Rejects Claims to File Criminal Charges Against Observer Publisher & City Councilman

Carol Schwab, the City Attorney of Culver City, rejected requests by local resident Les Greenberg to file criminal charges against Culver City Observer Publisher Stephen Hadland and Culver City Councilman Jim Clarke in regard to an election article published in the Culver City Observer.

In the March 15 article, the Observer reported that a local “ad hoc” organization distributed an inflammatory, campaign flyer to residents that blasted two of the City Council candidates as lackeys of the local chamber.

In her letter to Greenberg, Schwab stated: “Based on the information you provided, there is insufficient evidence that either Mr. Hadland or Council Member Clarke used threats, intimidation or coercion against the Committee to interfere with its First Amendment rights. “

To further clarify her view, Schwab added: “The evidence you cited constitutes Mr. Hadland's and Council Member Clarke's protected speech under the First Amendment and is not a sufficient basis for a Bane Act lawsuit.”


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