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By Neil Rubenstein
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High School Students Present "Culver For A Cause" charity Run


March 29, 2018

Culver City high school Associated Student Body Presents” Culver for a Cause run for Better Education”.

What: Come be a part of the Culver for a Cause 5K Charity Run! There will be food, live music, free T-shirts, and Medals!

Why: Proceeds will be directed towards the CCUSD Culver Closet, which helps provide clothing and toiletry items to CCUSD families in need. In addition, some proceeds will be given to Peruvian women to help them gain access to educational opportunities like the ones we are so lucky to have!

When: April 14, 2018 at 9AM

Where: Culver City High School, 4401 Elenda St, Culver City, CA 90230

Who: We encourage all Culver City community members and more to come participate in tis exciting event.

Questions/Concerns: Contacts us

Go to to register, donate, or find out more information!

Mayor Eric Garcetti and leaders of the Los Angeles City Council ignored a report urging them to eliminate, or drastically amend, a program that pays veteran cops and firefighters their salaries and pensions simultaneously for up to five years. The Deferred Retirement Option Plan, or DROP, was approved by voters in 2001 with a promise that it would keep veteran officers on the job a few years longer with no additional cost to the city. But in 2016, at a closed-door meeting of top elected officials, then-Chief Administrative Officer Miguel Santana presented a confidential report warning the program “is not and has never been cost neutral.”

Ever wonder what has become of the last Speaker of the House of Representatives. Well, don’t fret and send Mr. John Boehner (R-Ohio) a case of tuna and a pair of warm socks, because he gets an office in the Longworth House Office Building, a staff of three getting a salary over $100,000 both for up to five years.

Can I make a suggestion to help our city and the citizens of Fox Hills? Even Ray Charles can see a few years down stream many of those companies behind the mall will need to hire more employees as the economy picks up. Parking is already a nightmare and soon City Hall will require several hundred new stalls for the rumored development on Green Valley Circle and Bristol Parkway. Why can’t a parking structure be erected in Fox Hills before we lose tenets and companies?

The Los Angeles Times wrote between 1990 and 2015 CalPERS paid private equity managers $3.4 Billion in bonuses. It gets worse for the fiscal year that ended on June 30, 2015 they paid $700 million in performance fees.

Scientists have the first major evidence blood tests hold promise for screening people for cancer. Hong Kong doctors tried it for a type of head and neck cancer this boosted early detection.

I can hardly wait and taste the four new flavors of Diet Coke now on super market shelves no matter where you live, work or play. Are you as concerned as we are that Diet Soda can increase risk of dementia and stroke, that was printed in USA Today from a study published in the American Heart Association Journal stroke. The Journal stroke found a daily diet soda puts a person at three times the risk of dementia and stroke compared to someone who drinks less than one can a week. Did you read the 2013 study from Purdue University that diet soda doesn’t help us lose weight? Read another USA Today article dated April 21, 2017, check with your doctor; then make a decision.

Approximately 50,000 Americans die from colon cancer each year so scientists according to the Journal of the American Medical Informatics Association a new blood test that would compare new blood tests against a patient’s previous diagnostics with a large data base of 20 million spanning three decades. The Israeli company developing the procedure is working with Kaiser Permanente.

The finish government in 2016 started a new unprecedented economic experiment. Two thousand residents would receive $670 a month for two years with no strings attached and the government would study how the money affected the lives of those drawn from a pool of 177,000.

Chelsea Manning the former soldier who was jailed in 2013 for leaking classified documents, had a sex change while in the stockade and released early by President Obama is running in the Democratic primary in Maryland for the U.S. Senate.

When is Culver City going to ban plastic knives, forks and spoons?

The average number of U.S. troops each day killed in Vietnam in 1968 was 46.

For those who missed an article, all my commentaries can be found at; strolling down the page and underneath Opinion look for Rubenstein.


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