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Farragut Parking Problem


March 29, 2018

Letter to the Editor:

In a recent article in your paper by Neil Rubenstein, he said that the Farragut parking “problem” still exists. He went on to repeat everything that was said by the residents of the 10700 block of Farragut in their campaign to keep their parking privileges. In an effort to keep their privileges, they lost 3 lawsuits against the city that cost you and me (as taxpayers) over $300,000.00 to defend. This money could have been spent on something of value rather than on defending their lawsuits.

The Farragut narrative could not stand up to the actual facts. The residents’ assertions about their parking problems (which they repeated for over 20 years) were disproved by an objective City parking study, done by one of the best traffic management firms in Los Angeles. As a result, the City Council, at great expense, developed a parking plan that was fair to the residents of Farragut, to Culver City citizens and to the surrounding businesses and institutions adjacent to Farragut.

All of the residents and guests of the City of Culver City won the right to park on the public street on that portion of Farragut that had previously been used as a private parking lot by the Farragut residents and their guests, some of whom were customers for anyone running a business from his or her home on Farragut.

The assertion that Farragut still has a parking problem is propaganda. It seems that the residents of Farragut miss their parking privileges on public streets for their million dollar homes. Now that we will have a new City Council, these residents are at it again.

Ken Smith

Culver City


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