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March 22, 2018

Jay Wierenga, Communications Director of the Fair Political Practices Commission issued the following clarification to the statement which appeared in the March 15, 2018 edition of the Culver City Observer:

“First of all, we don’t administer ‘California State Election codes’. The Secretary of State monitors elections, and election code is not in our section of law. We only have jurisdiction over the Political Reform Act, so I would never and did not say anything about California State Election codes. I also do not recall and would likely not say we’ve been advised of a possible violation… I only say what I/we can say, that if we receive a complaint, we can confirm receipt of a complaint. No mention was made asking me/us if we received a complaint, so therefore I wouldn’t have said that ‘we’d been advised of a violation’. We did look up to see if there was a committee on file with the Secretary of State, and there did not appear to be.”


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