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By Neil Rubenstein
Observer Columnist 

Take Action Now On Fracking


Fracking near you. The largest urban oil Field in the U.S. is in “Our backyard” and may be posing dangerous threats to your health and safety!

Now’s the time to weigh in our Culver City’s plan to allow drilling 30 new wells & fracking within the Culver City limits.

Health effects include: Respiratory disease & asthma, heart disease, leukemia, lung & other cancers, adverse birth outcomes, endocrine disruption, cognitive disorders, neurological problems and premature death.

Seismic effects include: Nuisances like windows rattling, floor shaking, things falling, triggering a catastrophic earthquake – inducing a tsunami, explosions & toxic chemical fires; structural damage from uplift or subsidence; crack foundations and swimming pools.

Damage infrastructure: Broken streets, water, gas, electrical lines, etc.

Join your neighbors in demanding:

• A minimum ½ to one-mile setback of drilling from places where people live, work, play, pray, or go to school or health care.

• A prerequisite $2.5 billion disaster bond to insure Culver City and the People for Probable Cause in case of any event.

• A baseline survey of health risks and property damages.

Culver City Community Coalition

Take Action NOW!

News from Suzanne De Benedittis:

The People’s Fracking Form will meet Saturday or Sunday March 10 or 11 at Culver Palms United Methodist Church on Sepulveda next to the Auto Club of Southern California. Involves City-Wide and media outreach to come hear panel of speakers to take questions. Council Candidates to present their platforms may attend. For additional information (

While in Germany, they are busy developing an elevator that will be able to move people sideways as well as vertically and run inside or outside of a building. What’s next?

As mentioned in Time Magazine “California and Florida are considering a bill that would move the clock an hour forward permanently.” Continuous Daylight savings.

Recently I had the opportunity to speak to Sydney Kamlager on a wide range of subjects and how they pertain to Culver City. Sydney is the President of the Los Angeles Community College District Board of Trustees (the largest district in our nation), also the district director for California State Senator Holly Mitchell and a candidate for the 54th California Assembly District. In the more than forty years I have been living here in Culver City Sydney Kamlager has by far the best resume to hit the ground running at State Capitol. Please join with your friends and neighbors at the polls and vote Kamlager.

The Keystone XL pipeline has received enough commitments from shippers for the pipeline expansion which could begin in 2019. Oil companies plan to ship 500,000 barrel a day for 20 years (20,833 barrels per hour). The extension lacks key permits and remains bogged down in court in Nebraska.

Do you have Muscular-Dystrophy and need the treatment? Well, the price is $65,000 annually. It wasn’t that long ago when the European version was only $1200 or less per year.

Dr. Brown I read your letter to the editor of the Culver City Observer dated February 22 – 28 2018 and thank you for clarifying my commentary.

Please be aware I am holding a form from Transparent California with five columns:

Employee name



Years of service

Year retired

For Dr. Marvin Brown it clearly states employer CCUSD

Pension $121,558

Years of service 34.5

Year retired 2006

The heading is STRS Pensioner’s Amounts I am certain I speak for all when I thank you for 34 years of dedicated service and, I see you have been retired a dozen or so years.

Attend/Speak out at Culver City’s Council Meeting on March 12, 2018 7 p.m. For more information and updates on future events: (

Rep. Bass Statement on Release of 2019 Trump Budget

Rep. Karen Bass released the following statement reacting the release of the Trump administration’s fiscal year 2019 budget.

“This budget has announced to the world that the method of choice to pay for the tax breaks the Trump administration gifted to corporations at the end of last year, is to take an ax to safety net services relied upon by millions of Americans and foreign aid relied upon by millions more around the world.

“Just like the one proposed last year, the President’s FY 2019 budget, which would sharply cut back Medicaid funding for nursing homes and assisted living facilities, demonstrates an excessive lack of understanding about what it means to rely on these programs. $9 billion in cuts to international diplomatic efforts will only further stunt and ultimately cripple our international prestige. Real leaders do not abandon millions seeking relief from starvation and war.

“I hope members of Congress on both sides of the aisle will ignore these deeply troubling proposals. It’s alarming that the President of the United States would publicly signal a willingness to abandon our elderly and poor as well as diminish our role on the worldwide stage.”


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