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Dunwoody Focuses on June Primary

Files as Write-in Candidate in Special Election


Steve Dunwoody

Steve Dunwoody, the self-proclaimed progressive candidate announced his intention to focus on winning the June 5th regular election to fill a full term as the Assembly member from the 54th District instead of the April special election.

He failed to qualify for the April ballot after several signatures on his nominating papers were disqualified leaving him one signature short.

He still intends to participate in the April 3rd special election, to elect someone to complete the unfinished term remaining in 2018 of former Assembly member Sebastian Ridley-Thomas, who resigned in December.

Voters will have the opportunity to write Dunwoody's name in from an official list of candidates provided at the polls. The June 5th regular primary election however, in which Dunwoody's name will already appear on the ballot, is the date to elect someone to fill the Assembly seat for the full two-year term starting in 2019.

"I got into this race to represent the people of the 54th district, who deserve better than what we've been getting from our leaders in Sacramento. Since the beginning we have gathered support from some of the largest progressive grassroots organizations along the way, and we're going to continue on and fight to give the people of this district a real choice in this election," said Dunwoody.

"When God closes a door, sometimes he opens up a window. I have absolutely no doubt that this is going to fire up our grassroots to work even harder to bring progressive leadership to Sacramento. We'll end up stronger because of this."

Indeed, the largest groups supporting Steve's campaign reiterated their support for his candidacy in both the April 3rd and June 5th elections, and pledged to help the campaign win.

The California Nurses Association said, "We endorsed Steve's campaign because we cannot wait for more progressive leadership in Sacramento, to bring about single-payer health care that Californians deserve. We continue to believe he is the best candidate in this race and look forward to helping him to victory."

Americans for Democratic Action of Southern California commented, "We were proud to endorse Steve's campaign, earlier this year, because Steve represents the best in a long progressive tradition. We look forward to helping him win in April, and in June, and bring real change to Sacramento."

Food and Water Action said, "The health and safety of all Californians is dependent on having environmental leadership, in the Capitol. Steve represents our best chance to have that kind of leadership from the 54th District. We were happy to hear his campaign will continue, and we'll continue to support the effort he's building."

Steve Dunwoody ( is an Iraq War veteran and was the first progressive challenger in the 54th Assembly District Primary. Steve was named Democrat of the Year for the 54th Assembly District by his fellow activists for his grassroots leadership in several clubs and in the fight for progressive policy statewide.

He was previously California Director for the Vet Voice Foundation, working on conservation issues in the Golden State. Steve is a member of the Sierra Club, Community Coalition and the Black Cooperative Investment Fund. He also serves on the Young Professionals Council of the LGBT Center and National Association of Black Veterans. He lives in Palms.


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