MURDER FOR HIRE Culver City Man Accused of Hiring Drug Dealer to Murder Associate

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David Phillips

The Los Angeles Times reported this week that Homeland Security investigators in New Orleans were listening to phone calls made by a suspected Los Angeles drug dealer last year when they heard the person on the other end of the line asked if he could carry out a "hit,"Homeland Security was tracking a man who they believed to be a methamphetamine trafficker. The phone call started an investigation that spanned from New Orleans to Los Angeles to San Diego in search of the person trying to organize the killing. Federal agents staged a bloody murder scene with the help of the would-be victim. In April David Phillips, the CEO of a Los Angeles-based medical marketing firm, was arrested on charges of plotting the death of a former business associate according to a federal criminal complaint filed in Louisiana.His firm, NKP Medical Marketing, Inc is located in Westchester. Phillips is a 1998 graduate From Culver CityHigh.Authorities have not released the name of the intended victim of the murder plot.


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