Big Trouble In Fox Hills? Please Read On

Neil Rubenstein

Are developers causing trouble for Fox Hills? Could greedy developers be behind the large group of youths causing trouble at the Fox Hills Mall and in Fox Hills? Are the developers secretly using social media to target youths in South Central Los Angeles, getting them to travel by bus all the way over to Fox Hills and cause mayhem? Are these developers using rowdy youths to drive down the cost of the Fox Hills Plaza and other real estate in Fox Hills by creating fear and causing owners to sell and sell low? Currently, Fox Hills real estate is of great value since it is right next to Playa Vista/Silicon Beach. It is strange that neither the Crenshaw Mall nor Inglewood are experiencing problems with youths causing mayhem and trouble in their malls and shopping areas. The fact that youths from South Central Los Angeles are riding the bus all the way over to Fox Hills, passing up the opportunities to cause trouble at the Crenshaw Mall in Inglewood, is puzzling. Why? Is Fox Hills their only target and no other place? It appears that blockbusting, the process used by real estate agents and building developers to convince white property owners to sell their homes at low prices, has reared its ugly head, this time in a much different form. By shrewdly using social media (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat), developers are now able to incite youths from South Central Los Angeles to travel across town and wreak havoc at the Westfield Mail in Fox Hills and Fox Hills Plaza. This scare tactic, if it continues, will most certainly cause businesses to close and property to be sold at less than market value. Then, developers can buy at record low prices. Perhaps this effort could even cause the Westfield Mall Culver City to close and sell.

Developers definitely want Fox Hills real estate at the lowest price possible and it appears that they will get it, by using any means possible.Fox Hills has clearly been targeted for rowdy disorder and mayhem by youths on a reoccurring basis, a phenomenon which no other area of Los Angeles County is experiencing. It is very strange indeed. A big six-gun salute to your friend, my friend, everybody’s friend, Ronald Iizuka, on his promotion from Captain to Assistant Chief of Police. Perhaps in the future the men in blue will consider ride-a-longs, classes in police science, and opportunities at the station for volunteers. What can an innocent person do? Richard Rosario was recently released from prison after serving 20 years for a crime he did not commit. Rosario even gave the New York Police Dept. the names of 13 witnesses that he was with in Florida when the crime took place. Still he was found guilty and lost multiple appeals until Judge Robert Torres dismissed the charges after two decades behind bars. Renters, have you heard how our friends in the Queen City, AKA Long Beach, want to reform their rental application credit check process by creating a centralized database that would distribute applicants’credit reports to qualified landlords without charging a fee each time? Now, wouldn’t it be helpful to the owners as well as the renters here in Culver City to have the same system in place? I just bet Steve Rose and the Chamber of Commerce could help. The Chicago Police Department just released the 2016 number for homicides as 762, the most in 20 years. Do you have earthquake insurance? We do, and I am glad, but it sure is expensive and people have told me there is a big deductible, but just a few months ago on New Year’s Eve in Brawley, California they had 250 small earthquakes. Thank goodness Brawley is near the Salton Sea and not Los Angeles. Irish journalist Senan Molony spent 30 years researching the 1912 maritime disaster, the sinking of the Titanic that killed 1,500 people, and discovered the ship’s hull was fatally weakened by a fire in the boiler room before it hit an iceberg.

From the Middle East, Israel accounts for ten percent of global investment in cyber-security research. Sales of its security software topped at $60 billion in 2014. The Upland Pipeline is a surprise to me as well; asked whether he would support the Upland Pipeline, a Trans-Canada project that would carry oil from North Dakota to Canada, Trump replied, “I’m going to look at everything.”As Groucho Marx would say, “Learn from the mistakes of others, you can never live long enough to make them all yourself. For those who missed an article, all my commentaries can be found at by placing Rubenstein in the website’s search box.


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