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On April 29 Culver Studios had its first spring carnival. It was open to the public for a $5 admission fee. All profits from ticket sales went to the Culver City Backpacks For Kids Program, which provides children and their families with a backpack of food to eat over the weekend. The carnival was amazing. They had a rock climbing wall, a mechanical bull, and so much more. The Adopt And Shop brought their ‘ CattyWagon’ with cats and dogs needing a home. I was able to hold a beautiful cat named Angel, it was so much fun. I went to the carnival with my two friends Lily and Paige Maxson, and after playing at the carnival for a few hours I was able to interview Michael Goldfarb with The Culver Studios and also Jamie Wallace with Backpacks for Kids. Here is what I learned from both of them: Michael Goldfarb- Vice President, Business Development Q: I know the centennial is coming soon, so what will you be doing for it? A: “Wow, that’ s a great question, as you may know the Culver Studios is one year younger than Culver City itself. So, we are excited to celebrate like we did in the city’ s centennial. Which at the end of this year we’ ll start celebrating our own, and we are excited to show the fun things we have planned. But, we have to keep some things secret, and to keep this a fun surprise we’ ll have to keep it secret.”Q: So, I was looking at the history of the Culver Studios, you’ ve filmed a few of my favorite films, so what would be your favorite film filmed here?A: “That’ s a good question as well. We have so many good films from ‘ Gone with theWind’ ,to‘ Rocky,’ butIhavetosaymyfavoritefilmfilmedhereis‘ E.T.’ . Last summer we had movie nights in the front yard and we showed ‘ E.T’ ., and it was really, really cool.” (Me): My favorite film has to be the Matrix. “I like the Matrix too, that could be my favorite film. I might just switch my answer to the Matrix.”

Q: Why is there a carnival here today? A: “Well, every season we try to do a community event. Last summer we did movie nights and this winter we did an ice skating rink, and now the carnival. It’ s just our way of giving back to the community and the neighborhood, and we love our neighbors, our schools and we just want to help become a better community. This is one of our few times the community can come onto the front lawn, because usually shows are being filmed and it’ s closed off and when we get an opportunity like this, and give back it’ s just something we want to do.”Q: What advice do you have for children and teenagers who want to work at the Studios and get into filmmaking? A: “Well I think the most import thing is just to be really passionate about it and to love movies and television and really the art of filmmaking. Just to be in an environment that is being creative whether you want to be a production assistant on the set, or learn more about the business side. There are so many avenues for getting involved. We are right here in this vibrant part of LA where there is so much production happening, being here in Culver City is a great place to be to foster that.”After interviewing Mr. Goldfarb, I went to interview Jamie Wallace, a leader and volunteer with Backpack for Kids Program who has been helping since 2013. For our interview, we sat on the steps of the office that once belonged to David O. Selznick. Q: How did you find the backpack program? A: “Well, I was minding my own business back in 2013. Until Leslie Gardner, who’ s been helping the schools since forever, and who I’ ve known since my son was in elementary school, said ‘ Hey we’ re doing this food program, the backpack program, and can you come help me?’ and I said yes, and that’ s how it all started.”Q: How can you describe the backpack program? A: “So, the basic idea of the backpack program is that we have children in this community and in the schools who might be getting lunch at the cafeteria, might not have food on the weekends, and that’ s called food uncertainty. It all started

over at La Ballona. Kids would go to the nurse’ s office saying ‘ I’ m hungry’ and this usually happened on Mondays, so at La Ballona they started with nine backpacks then quickly to 19 backpacks. When Jerry Chabola and Leslie Gardner founded this program they started helping and later went to the Superintendent and he said that ‘ We need to spread this’ so we did it for all the schools. It first started with 50 backpacks, then to 75 backpacks to 85, and now we are well over 100.”Q: So while saying that, I heard you say that children were going to the nurse’ s office hungry, so has that decreased? A: Yes, by a lot and we don’ t hear that from children there anymore. It was a pleasure to speak with Mr. Goldfarb and Ms. Wallace. And I really enjoyed my time at the carnival, and excited for next year’ s festivities. With all the activities, puppies and kittens, free food, and more only for five dollars, that was really amazing! While this was all amazing, I can’ t wait to see how much more they add next year to the fun, and hoping children will no longer go home hungry, and that this program will stay important to Culver City, so every child and family can go home, and to school, not hungry.


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