Columnist Likes Kim Nguyen For Superior Court Judge

Kim Nguyen is running for Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge Office 158. Kim placed first in the June primary election, and is now facing off against the second place finisher. Currently, Kim is a Deputy Attorney General with the California Department of Justice. During her more than 16-year legal career Kim has handled complex civil matters in the state and federal courts and argued before the California Supreme Court. Theodorsia and I are proud to support her for her ability, experience, competence, integrity and temperament. She has the ability to perform the judicial function with a high degree of skill and effectiveness. Please join your friends and family and vote Nguyen for Office 158.

September 16-18, 2016 Theodorsia and I had a super duper great time at the Monterey Jazz Festival. They had six stages with hundreds of artists making wonderful jazz. We will be back again next year and hope to see you there.

A new law signed by Governor Brown in September 2016 will increase penalties for California prosecutors who mess around with evidence or hide exculpatory material from the defense. The new law can give a prosecutor up to three years in prison for altering or intentionally withholding evidence that defendants might use to clear themselves. This s a good first step, but our State Senator, soon-to-be County Supervisor, should get a law through the State Capitol that the prosecutor’s California law license should also be revoked.

Every once in a while I mention real estate transactions and the asking price. I moved into Culver City darn near 40 years ago. In those four decades I and many others have done well and the property value is up approximately 12 times. Perhaps you are wondering about the highest 10 sales prices for homes thus far this year.

$60 Million Malibu

$59,355,550 Holmby Hills

$50,500,000 Malibu

$47,851,500 Bel Air

$46,250,000 Bel Air

$44,000,000 Malibu

$38,000,000 Bel Air

$36,000,000 Beverly Hills

$34,500,000 Bel Air

$32,670,000 Beverly Crest

Are you a kitchen appliance nut because you are simply the best cook this side of 5th Avenue in New York City? Needless to say, I just bet that in your kitchen you have, for all to see, the Thermomix from Vorwerk and Company in Germany. It’s been over a year since the machine has been out. It cooks, weighs, grinds, steams, chops, stirs, whips, and kneads. It also has a color computer screen to walk cooks through digitized recipes and it’s $1,200.00 with a wait list of more than two months.

When the arrival of inexpensive mobile phones threatened to help the bad guys conceal their activities from the cops, Congress enacted a law in 1994 requiring all phone lines to be capable of being wiretapped. Now, with communications moving to the Internet, the increasing use of encryption on smartphones and computers has law enforcement and security agencies once again concerned and warning folks that the bad guys could cause them to "go dark" by transforming their messages into unbreakable code.

The Western Hemisphere’s largest ocean desalination plant is almost ready to celebrate its first anniversary in Carlsbad, California. The facility can produce 50 million gallons of drinking water a day. It is looking so good that about 15 other desalination sites are being proposed in California.

Those of us with good memories can recall that up until the late 1960s, one could stamp, mail packages and deposit money in a savings account at the post office. The best part, if the government restarts the program, is that we could move our money away from those nasty people at Wells Fargo.

By early next year the Cooper Tire and Rubber Company expects to make an entire tire from a desert plant called Guayule, which is cultivated in the Southwestern part of the United States.

Some people allege that the City Manager, by the first of next year, will shut down the 911 center in the basement of the Police Department and possibly kiss those loyal employees off. Also scheduled to leave are the sanitation workers after the city manager contracts with some company such as Waste Management. Now here is another rumor going around: Our Fire Department and paramedics will soon be part of the Los Angeles County Fire Department system. With those changes it is felt our city can still pay those super-duper large paychecks and retiree pensions, some of which are over $200,000 per year.

Don’t vote for the city manager’s power grab. We surely don’t need the city manager to be over the Police and Fire Department.

The Los Angeles Times a while ago published the ethnic makeup of legislators’ districts. For Assembly Member Sebastian Ridley-Thomas it was as follows:

31 percent Latino

25 percent African American

12 percent Asian

29 percent White

· Households with less than $50,000 per year: 48 percent

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