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Emergency Service May Be Moved From Here


I have mentioned this several times before, so to many it will be no surprise. In the room I use as my office I have five-drawer filing cabinets. a two-drawer filing cabinet, plus numerous boxes so full of Culver City happenings and info about the movers and shakers that I cannot even add a piece of scratch paper. To protect all this, I could say we have four fire extinguishers, a 50-foot hose and a 6-foot ladder, but we mainly rely on 911 and a secret City Hall extension ending in 9. Theodorsia and I have all this “fire protection,” but in Culver City how many do you have?

You would think the lollipop group, not to be confused with the wing nuts or the Dixie cups at City Hall, would strive to improve the emergency system situated in a secret basement location; instead, Cousin Neil heard the city is thinking about discarding employees (some of whom have over 30 years of dedicated service), laying them off and moving the 911 system to Hawthorne. Now, I don’t know about you, but with a major earthquake coming and with a major oil field darn close, I don’t want our police and fire callers to be forced to take a number, because those South Bay cities that use the Hawthorne facility might put our calls at the bottom. Plus, we need both places as a backup.

Do you think the Fire Chief has heard the rumor regarding Hawthorne? It’s common knowledge the next phase is to rework the Culver City Charter for the November 2016 ballot, and then I heard from usually reliable sources our Culver City Fire Department will be part of the Los Angeles County system. Mark my words, this will come up at a City Council meeting and you will hear, “No truth, no plans, we love our fire department, Rubenstein is all wet, etc., etc., etc.” How else will city staff maintain their lavish life style of very high wages and a solid gold pension? If they succeed, 2017 and 2018 will be exciting as they try to implement various policies.

Online federal student aid applications for the 2015-2016 award year must be submitted by midnight central time on June 30. For more information go to

Victoria’s Secret holds a semi-annual sale in June and many retailers, including major department stores, follow suit. Look for discounts of up to 90 percent on lingerie and 60 percent on swimsuits throughout the month of June.

Are you a member of a college alumni association and do you have auto insurance with AAA? We saw the commercial on TV so Theodorsia took her alumni membership card from Cal State University Long Beach and in less than a week she received a check for over one hundred bucks.

Still undecided on your vacation this year? Why not go to Wisconsin in late July? Lands’ End generally holds an annual warehouse sale, and returned items, samples and other merchandise sell for up to 75 percent off.

The World Health Organization reports over 98,000 Nigerian women die annually from using firewood in cooking, so preparing three meals a day is equivalent to smoking between three and twenty packs of cigarettes a day.

Save the date. The L.A. Focus 19th Annual First Ladies High Tea will be on Saturday, October 22, 2016 at the Beverly Hilton Hotel.

The New York Post recently published the list of Vice Presidential candidates that both Hillary and Donald might choose. On the Democratic side the possibilities are:

Name Odds

Julian Castro 9-4

Tim Kaine 6-4

Elizabeth Warren 6-1

Tom Perez 10-1

Martin O’Malley 10-1

Corey Booker 12-1

Al Franken 16-1

Bernie Sanders 16-1

Michael Bennet 16-1

Mark Warner 20-1

Sherrod Brown 20-1

Joe Biden 20-1

John Hicken Looper 20-1

On the Republican side the possibilities are:

Name Odds

John Kasich 4-1

Chris Christie 6-1

Marco Rubio 6-1

Nikki Haley 10-1

Dr. Ben Carson 12-1

Susana Martinez 12-1

Mike Huckabee 12-1

Jeff Sessions 16-1

Ted Cruz 16-1

Paul Ryan 16-1

The Los Angeles Times recently reported that of 48 graduates of the Los Angeles Fire Department’s Valley Recruit Training Academy in Panorama City, five were women. Surely the Culver City Fire Chief can get at least one. Can it be possible our city has never had a lady in the fire house and isn’t really trying? After all, Culver City is darn near 100 years old.

What would you say are the most pedestrian-friendly top 10 cities in the United States? According to the real estate company, Redfin, the best are:

1. New York 2. San Francisco

3. Boston 4. Philadelphia

5. Miami 6. Chicago

7. Washington, D.C. 8. Seattle

9. Oakland 10. Long Beach

The very next time Theodorsia and I have business in Eagle Rock we plan to stop at the world’s largest thrift store. The store has 54,000 square feet of amazing finds including clothes, shoes, jewelry, furniture, housewares and more. The Society of St. Vincent de Paul is located at 210 North Avenue 21. Los Angeles, CA 90031 (

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