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Mayor O'Leary Bids Farewell


April 14, 2016

Margaret Malloy

Mayer Mehaul O'Leary delivers address at Mayor's Luncheon

Mayor Michael "Mehaul" O'Leary presided over his second Mayor's Luncheon last Thursday to a packed crowd at the DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel. Sponsored by the culver city Chamber of Commerce the event has become the most attended event in the city.

Unlike his speech four years ago when he finished his first term as mayor, O'Leary announced to the crowd he wouldn't' keep everyone over an hour as he did last time. The speech was filled with humor and song to the delight of the crowd. He highlighted accomplishments at city hall going department by department citing progress that had been made throughout the city.

One of the highlights was when he told the audience the city had received almost $11 million in Grants during the past year. He asked the people responsible to stand and when no one rose to the applause he quickly announced that they must be at their desks writing more grants for the city.

Mayor O'Leary and Vice Mayor Andy Weissman have completed two terms on the council and must step down next month.

O'Leary then allowed retiring councilman Weissman to say his farewell to the crowd. He praised his fellow councilmember saying "It's been an honor and a pleasure, and I'm very proud of all we have accomplished."

Margaret Nalloy

Vice Mayor Andy Weissman reflects on his eight years in office

Using the famous quote from the late Chicago Mayor Richard Daly who was known for picking names off gravestones so his henchmen could vote multiple times, O'Leary told the crowd to "Vote early and vote often," O'Leary quickly added "I meant, vote in April and in November."

The crowd enjoyed the humor and levity of the afternoon and left pleased.

culver city requires no more than two consecutive terms on the council. This opens the possibility that O'Leary and/or Weissman could run again in two years when Councilmen Jeff Cooper and Jim Clarke term out. While no one is talking a strong possibility exists. Hmmmm...We shall see!


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