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Prostart Culinary Arts Students Tour Tito's Tacos


January 28, 2016

Tito's Tacos recently hosted a group of over 30 middle and upper school Culinary Arts Students who are developing the hands-on skills to become gainfully employed in the ever-changing restaurant industry and to personally manage their own lucrative food service businesses.

The Culinary Arts Students are enrolled in the much acclaimed two year ProStart curriculum at the Los Angeles Center for Enriched Studies under the guidance of their distinguished instructor Andi Phillips, which is sponsored in part by the L. A. Chapter of the California Restaurant Association in hopes of mentoring the next generation of innovative and successful restauranteurs.

Tito's Tacos first provided the inquisitive Culinary Arts Students with a behind-the-scenes tour of the Tito's Tacos Commissary where a majority of the Restaurant's award-winning cuisine is prepared from scratch 362 days a year.

The Culinary Arts Students from the Los Angeles Center for Enriched Studies were personally welcomed and escorted around the facilities by the business's owner / operator, Lynne Davidson, who answered every question directed to her without hesitation, except for the oft asked query about how many Tito's Tacos are actually sold each day which is confidential.

Lynne Davidson is a longstanding Board Member of the California Restaurant Association and has personally administered over the operations of Tito's Tacos for over 30 years which was originally founded by her Grandfather in 1959 and operated for many years by her Father, prior to her buying the business a number of years ago.

Whilst at the Tito's Tacos Commissary the students interacted with Tito's Tacos esteemed Executive Chef Jesus "Chava" Madera, along with a number of longstanding and quintessential Tito's Tacos employees who are responsible for making sure the cuisine is prepared every day adhering to the recipes created and improved upon over the past 56 years.

Additionally, the Culinary Arts Students from the Los Angeles Center for Enriched Studies were introduced to the business's master Meat-Cutter, Don Victorino Rodarte, who has proudly worked for Tito's Tacos for over 40 years without missing a day of work.

Afterward, the Culinary Arts Students were bused en masse over to Tito's Tacos Mexican Restaurant on Washington Place in Culver City where they toured around the back kitchen and service areas of the landmark restaurant where they observed the restaurant's newly appointed General Manager, Geraldo Ibarra, and his team of employees preparing and serving up hot mouthwatering Mexican food cuisine to customers.

The Students were able to also observe Blanca Cruz and others as they commenced the traditional production of Beef and Chicken Tamales for the restaurant.

The Culinary Arts Students adhered to the industry standard Safe Serve food handling practices under the watchful supervision of their instructor, Andi Phillips, when touring the Tito's Tacos Commissary and Restaurant in order to maintain the utmost in food safety protection for the restaurant's customers. In fact, Tito's Tacos gave the Culinary Arts Students from the Los Angeles Center for Enriched Studies all free Tito's Tacos Baseball Hats to provide them with the same kind of head-covering that the restaurant's employees wear everyday.


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