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Dear Editor


October 29, 2015

Hi All,

As some of you are aware, a Planning Commission meeting took place yesterday. Unfortunately, more than ever, the Commission demonstrated they are simply not equipped to tackle the mansionization issue.

They backpedaled and bickered among themselves over several vital points they had previously agreed upon -- and for the first time, a lobbyist from the "Building Industry Association of Southern California" openly tried scare tactics and propaganda to sway opinions during public comments.

We must have a proper unbiased process or whatever codes Council ultimately enacts will be hasty, not properly studied and harmful.

Please sign our petition to demand that the City Council do a proper study process with experts before they enact zoning that will affect our neighborhoods and property values potentially for decades. Please visit and sign at:

And, of course, please share with all those concerned!

Thank you,


Culver City


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