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Help Your Pet Enjoy Halloween


October 29, 2015

Well, Boys and Ghouls, it’s that time again. When dead men walk, banshees scream, and we all prepare to be scared out of our wits. And no - I’m not talking about a presidential debate. I’m talking about Halloween!

Young or old, Halloween is a holiday everyone can enjoy. Well, almost everyone. If you have pets, depending on their personality, they may not enjoy it as much as you do. But fear not. We’ve put together five tips to help make your Halloween night a screaming success instead of a barking nightmare.

1. Make Like the Walking Dead. (The part where they walk, not the part where they snack on someone’s face.) Take your dog out for a walk early so he’s had a chance to burn off some steam before the doorbell starts ringing.

2. Set Up a Panic Room. I have it on good authority that cats can’t take a joke. They’re not going to laugh hysterically when the smart-aleck kid from down the street roars and shakes his severed limb at you. Keep your pets indoors and in a quiet room away from the action. Put their favorite blankets and toys in there to comfort them. Maybe turn on a Disney movie – one with Don Knotts.

3. No Tricks for Treats. Don’t let your pet have Halloween candy. Xylitol (a common ingredient in sugar-free candy and gum) and chocolate can both be deadly for cats and dogs, and so can avocados. Not that you’ll be giving out avocados for Halloween – that would be weird. Raisins, though – there’s always that one neighbor whose concern for children’s health compels them to hand out boxes of raisins. If your kid brings home raisins, you’re probably not going to eat them. I know your kid won’t. Don’t try to pawn them off on your cat or dog – they can cause kidney failure in pets.

4. Avoid the Phantom Menace. Advice I could have used in 1999, but I digress. Actually, this is about costumes. If you’re planning to dress up your dog or cat because they love it so much (*wink*), make sure you assess all parts of the costume for safety. Your pet should be able to walk and move comfortably, and his vision unobstructed. There shouldn’t be anything he can trip over, catch on furniture, or be tempted to eat. Make sure decorations are secured, and jack o’lanterns displayed in areas where they won’t light a tail on fire. Supervise your costumed pet at all times.

5. Ensure a Sequel. Make sure your pet wears ID with your current info and is chipped and registered in a national database like, which is free for life.

Adopt & Shop Culver City wishes you a wicked-good Halloween!


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