Keep Our Students Moving Full STEAM Ahead


October 1, 2015

Have you noticed the Full STEAM Ahead! signs popping up in your neighborhood? They’re declaring support for the programs and equipment CCEF brings to our schools. STEAM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics and gives a sense of the breadth of areas that CCEF supports.

Without CCEF our schools wouldn’t have GrowingGreat Gardens, Symphonic Jazz Orchestra programs, Front & Center Theater experiences at every grade level, Cotsen professional development in mathematics for elementary school teachers, new recorders for every third grade student, math clubs in our elementary schools, new musical instruments at our middle and high schools or any of the technology upgrades CCEF has made possible in recent years.

These are just of few of the engaging, enriching opportunities that your contributions to CCEF make possible for our students. Your donations fuel CCEF and keep our CCUSD students moving Full STEAM Ahead! So please go to and contribute today. (Contribute $50 or more to add a Full STEAM Ahead! sign to your own front lawn.)


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