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September 10, 2015

By Neil Rubenstein

Observer Columnist

Can anyone come up with America’s best small town? If you said Apex, North Carolina you are the winner of 100 gallons of gasoline, redeemable only at your Mohawk gas station.

Apex is a town of 42,150 with a median home price of $243,125, with the property tax averaging $2,448 and the unemployment rate 3.9%. You might be wondering about California cities, so at number 43 in the nation is La Palma and at 49 is Walnut. If I were younger I’d pack up and move to Apex where the projected job growth through 2019 is 15.5 % or twice the country’s projected job growth rate of 7.4%, Alas, the taxing agencies brought three coin-sniffing dogs that found my stash buried six feet under the rose bush by the brick wall.

Researchers tracked roughly 64,000 female nurses and 42,000 male health professionals for roughly 25 years. Those who reported drinking orange juice at least five times a week had about a 22% higher risk of skin cancer than those who drank orange juice less than once a week. Those who ate grapefruit at least once a week had a 30% higher risk than those who never ate grapefruit. Oddly, people who ate oranges or drank grapefruit had no increased risk.

Culver City positions held in 2003:

Mayor Alan Corlin

Vice Mayor Steven Rose

Councilmember Carol Gross

Councilmember Gary Silbiger

Councilmember Albert Vera

City Clerk Christopher Armenta

City Treasurer Mark Ambrozick

Chief Administrative Officer Jerry Fullwood

Assistant Chief Administrative Officer Deborah Fancett

Chair, Parks and Recreation Commission Charles Deen

Vice Chair Anita Shapiro

Commissioner Richard ”Alex” Alexander

Commissioner Jeffrey Cooper

Commissioner Jeanette James

It just seems yesterday was January and now September is here. Did you know September is a great month to buy large appliances? Retailers phase out older models to make room for new ones, so look for discounts up to 20% on stoves, dishwashers, washing machines and dryers.

Wednesday, September 16 just might be when the Federal Reserve starts to raise interest rates. The 16th is the next meeting of the Federal Open Market Committee and the financial community is on pins and needles.

Saturday, September 19 would have been mother’s 106th birthday and Krispy Kreme will give customers who talk like a pirate a free doughnut, and those who are in a pirate costume will enjoy a free dozen. As I recall, there is a doughnut shop in Culver City on Washington near Costco.

September is National Yoga Month. More than 1,600 yoga studios will offer a week of free yoga to new students with a yoga month card. For more information and to print a card, visit

Oh, my, the Social Security Disability Insurance Program has rejected a million applications pending appeal, pays out 25% more in benefits ($141 billion last year) than it gets in taxes and is expected to be insolvent by the end of 2016.

A new study suggests a link between diet sodas and bigger waistlines in seniors, according to Health Day. The study focused on more than 700 people 65 or older, tracking their eating habits and health status for an average of nine years. Those who never drank diet soda saw their waistlines grow by .8 inches over the course of the study. The increase was 1.8 inches for occasional drinkers and three inches for those who drank diet sodas every day. Researchers were quick to point out that the diet soda may not be the cause of weight gain. Continuing poor dietary habits or overeating due to a feeling of saving calories may also contribute.

San Diego’s Advanced Water Purification Facility is a pilot project to recycle 83 million gallons of wastewater daily for drinking purposes by 2035, comprising about one-third of that city’s supply. In 2016 the San Diego County Water Authority will begin using desalinated ocean water from the largest desalinization plant in the nation. By forcing 100 million gallons of seawater a day through filters, San Diego County expects to serve 7% of its domestic needs.

The National World War 1 Museum and Memorial was opened in Kansas City in 2006. To learn more about upcoming events and exhibits, see

The 2nd Armored Division Association will hold its reunion in Killeen, Texas September 30 - October 4. Call (972) 803-6734. The 2nd Armored Cavalry Association reunion will be at Valley Forge, PA October 1- 4. Call (717) 475-6406.

For all of you American Legion members, Richard Ledesma, Department of California Vice Commander representing Area 4, will be at Post 46, 5309 Sepulveda in Culver City on Saturday, February 6, 2016 at 10 a.m. Call (310) 391-3087.

If your son or daughter went off to college without a car, you just may qualify for an insurance discount as long as the school is at least 100 miles away from your home.

I’ve got good news for all you Caitlyn (formerly Bruce) Jenner fans who are worried sick about the possible misdemeanor manslaughter charge that the district attorney might bring in the February 7, 2015 fatal car crash on Pacific Coast Highway in Malibu. If found guilty the maximum sentence is a year in jail, and Caitlyn will be put in a ladies’ prison.

For those who missed an article, all my commentaries can be found at by placing Rubenstein in the website’s search box.


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