Fiesta To The Rescue


While the 2015 Fiesta LaBallona Committee has moved into high gear planning the Fiesta for this year, Vice Chair Marcus Tiggs agendized an item for next month's meeting to hopefully provide money for the missing playground equipment at Syd Kronenthal Park.

Residents recently took their complaints about the lack of playground equipment for the younger children in the neighborhood to the city council. The new equipment was recently installed but residents claimed it was geared toward only the older children.

Tiggs, who also heads the sponsorship subcommittee of the Fiesta, reported that local businesses where enthusiastically providing record financial support for the Fiesta and taking some of the "excess" funds to help provide the playground equipment would not only solve the budgetary problem to add the additional playground equipment but would also please the sponsors by showing their sponsorship monies had gone to an important need in the community.

Tiggs commented, "My proposal is a win, win for everyone."

The committee will vote on the proposal next month. If it is approved their recommendation will move on to the Parks and Recreation Director and ultimately the city council for approval.


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