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The First Yahrzeit of My Mom, Eileen Lieberman

Monday, February 23, 2015


February 26, 2015

By Steven Lieberman Of The Observer Staff

(Read by Shmuel Greenwald at U. City Shul on Shabbos 2/21/15 – I sponsored Kiddush)

My mom loved the U. City Shul and looked forward to attending the Learner’s Service with Rabbi Greenwald every Shabbos.

And she always looked forward to joining in on Shabbos dinners and lunches after services with the welcoming Jewish community that so kindly adopted her. She was a Friday night regular attendee at her next door neighbors on Gannon, Rabbi Yerucham and Shelley List.

Yerucham was also instrumental in spearheading the efforts to remember my mom’s memory with the installation of the Eternal Lamp in the Beis Medrash. If you haven’t seen it, please take a moment to do so…there is one flickering light in the middle of all the lights which seems to be my mom’s spirit touching us all. I know that the Eternal Lamp is bringing her great spiritual pleasure.

My mom was an observant Jew who found interest in learning the Parsha every week and attending many Judaic classes for many years. I enjoyed attending services and the classes with her when visiting St. Louis from Los Angeles.

Not only was she a Torah scholar, but also a great athlete and accomplished pianist. She was an advanced level ping pong player and loved to play on a regular basis at The Centre of Clayton. You can now play ping pong there at the newly installed “Eileen Lieberman Memorial Ping Pong Area.”

She was also the healthiest person I ever knew, with an impeccable diet and exercise routine. And the most humble, modest and ethical with sound principles of living. If I ever needed an answer to a difficult life question, she would always have the answer that led me to make the right choice.

But, most importantly, she was my best friend who loved me unconditionally. And I know that she loved all of you too. I miss her and I know that you all do too.

Please enjoy the Kiddush today…and though my mom isn’t able to join you in a physical body, her spirit will forever be present as the flickering light of the Eternal Lamp that I hope helps to light your way.


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