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Here's What Culver City Officials Are Paid


February 19, 2015

By Neil Rubenstein

Observer Columnist

My dad had many witticisms and when he wanted to make a point he would utter one that just fit perfectly for the situation under discussion. Two of his favorites were “There are no bones in ice cream” and “People in glass houses should wear underwear.” Papa passed away before he told me what he meant.

The information listed below was submitted to the California Controller’s Office and is entitled “All 2013 salaries for Culver City.” The figures are as of December 31, 2013. At this time I feel the facts speak for themselves and no further comments by me are necessary.

Names & Titles Total pay/Benefits

Fire Chief Sellers, C. $362,070.32

Police Chief Pedersen, D. $357,590.21

City Manager, Nachbar, J. $352,150.48

Asst. Chief Bixby, R. $343,780.05

Fire Marshall Bowden, M. $332,591.04

Asst. Fire Chief White, D. $323,153.20

Fire Captain Heins, W. $320,651.87

Police Lt. West, J. $317,970.41

Police Capt. Gutierrez, C. $312,986.68

City Attorney Warshaw, C. $304,617.30

Battalion Chief Syverson, C. $304,076.04

Names & Titles Total Package/Overtime

Fire Captain Heins $320,651/$44,366

Fire Marshall Bowden $332,591/$19,376

Asst. Fire Chief White $323,153/$24,922

Battalion Chief Syverson $304,076/$40,120

Battalion Chief Savage $293,204/$68,284

Battalion Chief Nagy $270,092/$43,214

Fire Capt. Sullivan $267,804/$63,867

Fire Capt. Kurowski $266,441/$42,891

Fire Capt. Young $261,027/$29,250

Police Sgt. Cid $255,563/$57,903

Fire Capt. Volantis $253,125/$48,196

Police Officer Martinez $250,937/$82,009

Fire Capt. Powell $248,563/$46,720

Police Sgt. Kellum $240,323/$35,876

Police Sgt. Estrada $234,822/$34,567

Fire Capt. Fregoso $234,507/$44,695

Battalion Chief Wells $232,635/$27,165

Fire Engr. Louie $232,599/$61,735

Fire Capt. Bohning $228,750/$33,645

Fire Engr. Carr $227,695/$56,630

Police Sgt. Eccles $225,469/$37,618

Police Sgt. Dunlap $225,063/$30,480

Police Sgt. Hernandez $223,788/$28,361

Fire Engr. Larson $220,624/$29,989

Fire Capt. Shin $219,580/$23,988

Police Sgt. Agalby $216,556/$16,477

Police Sgt. Lopez $215,601/$25,876

I tried to tell everyone those in power in the City Hall needed us to pass the sales tax increase to protect their salary, medical and pensions, and the good-natured people fell for it hook line and sinker, but there is more to come.

For those who missed an article, all my commentaries can be found at by placing Rubenstein in that website’s search box.


Reader Comments

Johnn writes:

You should let the readers know that, that wasn't their total income. The majority of that was the contribution to CALPERS. Their take-home was FAR less than the numbers you are showing. I understand your concern, but please explain what they are actually getting so you don't sound misinformed and your readers don't accuse you of inflating numbers for propaganda.


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