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Dear Editor


January 15, 2015

Since Sony is still in Culver City you do have the obligation to feature them, but you write about a tenth-rate clown picture, and follow the standard news blogs about the North Korean responsibility, which may well be true, but lacks proof, other than that the FBI said so to President Obama.

I certainly am not qualified to know, nor are you, nor is the president and possibly not the FBI either, but that promoted the picture and made lots of money for someone (s). No, of course I do not consider that to have been purposeful, just the result of publicity.

Wonder where The Observer will now be available, other than the Senior Center if I pass by, now that the CC library is gone?

Marvin Lessen

Fox Hills

Editors Note: The Culver City Observer did not focus on the merits of the movie. Sony is the largest employer in Culver City and therefore a story that went worldwide is important. Furthermore the fact that Sony cancelled tours of the lot suggests that more direct treats were made which impact not only Sony but also Culver City residents and businesses. We believe that an informed public is important in a democracy.

With the closing of the library for remodeling the Observer is available at more than 100 locations throughout Culver City. Besides the Senior Center the paper can be picked up at various locations including Dinah’s, George Petrelli’s Steak House, Sorrento Market, city hall, and the Chevron station at Overland and Jefferson. The newspaper is always available at our office on Sepulveda Blvd.


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