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October 23, 2014

By Neil Rubenstein

Observer Columnist

Interesting facts: More than 40,000 Canadians fought for the North in the Civil War and 34 were awarded the Medal of Honor for heroism in battle.

And from our city hall, the message they don’t want you to hear: More than 30,000 current and retired Detroit city employees voted July 21 to approve pension cuts that would reduce the city’s debt by $7 billion, nearly three weeks before the start of the trial on the Motor City’s plan to exit bankruptcy.

Chinese officials removed two more crosses from churches as part of a campaign against public symbols of Christianity. One could easily be legally blind and still see the intolerance growing in Africa, Asia, Europe and the Middle East against Christians and Jews.

In Glendale on Wednesdays? Why not drop by the First Baptist Church, 209 North Louise St. at noon for a free concert? Call (818) 242-2113.

There are almost 7,500 homeless veterans in Los Angeles County as of 2013.

Do you or anybody you know need a job? What a dumb question! If I were younger and unemployed I would check out Canada’s western province of Alberta. In the last 12 months they added 82,000 jobs and the jobless rate is down to 4.9%. Plus, they speak English and don’t dislike Americans.

For two Blue Chip books, does anyone know what was the first plant to be genetically engineered and in what year? If you said tomato in 1982, you’re right.

Are you getting a sick feeling in the pit of your stomach when you realize the latest from the Koch brothers and the Citizens United group? These right-wingers are funneling big money to defeat liberal judges and, if successful, will eventually try it here in California.

Even as the job market has improved, the percentage of people struggling to pay off student loans has barely budged. Of the $337 billion in federal direct education loans eligible to be repaid, about $89 billion is at least 31 days overdue – including $39 billion that’s in default.

Are you looking for an educational experience for the family that’s close by and free? On the first Sunday of each month the Museum of Ventura County, including its galleries and any special events, is your place to be. See Be sure to enjoy the exhibit, “Mexican-American Baseball in Ventura County,” running through Nov. 30.

We can all agree there are many good restaurants in or near Culver City, but when friends and family visit we take them to the very best French Creole restaurant. Lucky for us, Harold and Belle’s is just down the street at 2920 W. Jefferson Blvd., corner of 10th Ave. Since 1969 people have enjoyed French Quarter favorites. Call (323) 735-9023 or click on

According to the Progressive, the city of Ferguson, Missouri has hired a public relations firm after protests erupted over the killing of Michael Brown. The outfit, Common Ground Public Relations, says on its website that its “highly skilled professionals . . . sincerely enjoy the work of counseling our clients.”

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