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Laguna Woods Dumps Redflex


The list continues to grow of cities canceling or deckling to renew contracts with Redflex, the company embroiled in bribery scandals in Chicago and other cities.

The Laguna Woods City Council opted not to renew its $105,000 contract with Redflex citing the decline in revenue from the program and court costs associated with challenges to the tickets issues. The Orange County Register reported the city manage stating the city would lose $25,000 on the program this year.

The city receives a mere $107 from each $500 ticket with the balance going to court costs and state fees.

Culver City renewed their contract with the legally troubled company last moth despite protests from local residents.

A ruling by the appeal court in 2010 made in more difficult for cities to defend themselves in these cases ruling that red light ticket photos and videos were inadmissible because no police officer saw the drive run the red light.

The City of Los Angeles abandoned their red light program several years ago.


Reader Comments

jcwconsult writes:

Some 67 California communities have ended red light camera programs or banned them before any were installed. Nationally, camera contracts are down to about 500 from a peak of about 700. Ticket cameras lost 28 of 31 votes. The scourge of ticket cameras that target mostly safe drivers for money is slowly ending. James C. Walker, Life Member - National Motorists Association

srd275 writes:

Laguna Woods joins multiple other CA towns in dumping the RLC scam! Read more on RLC News: camerafraud on Facebook and

DiegoHenry writes:

Many California red light cam tickets can be beat: 1. Check to see if it is a Snitch Ticket, the fake/phishing tickets cops send out to bluff car owners into IDing the actual driver. Snitch Tickets say, at the top, Courtesy Notice-This is not a ticket, and you can ignore them! Search: Snitch Ticket. 2. REAL camera tickets from ANY city (or sheriff) in LA County can be ignored, as the LA courts do not report ignored camera tickets to the DMV. Search: red light camera no consequence.


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