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Mother Jones Say It Isn't So!!!


By Neil Rubenstein

Observer Columnist

My, oh, my, I just finished reading the May/June 2014 issue of Mother Jones. Yes, I know it isn’t cheap, but after winning big bucks shooting craps in the alley behind the post office I decided to read about the crazies.

Check out Page 7 and you can read the “rumors” about Hillary Clinton. For example, she majored in lesbianism at Wellesley and entered into a sham marriage to Bill Clinton to cover up the truth. Then, when Bill was governor, the Clintons covered up a multimillion-dollar cocaine smuggling ring based in Mena, Arkansas. Hillary worked at a Little Rock law firm that helped funnel weapons to the Contras. A report exposed the Clintons’ links to a Marxist terrorist plot to take over the country. As First Lady, Hillary formed her own clandestine police force. Agents embedded in the FBI, the CIA and the IRS harassed and eliminated her critics. Like most of the Washington elite, Hillary is, in fact, a blood-drinking extraterrestrial lizard in disguise. The Clintons whacked no fewer than 90 people who got in their way (and at least two cats). Hillary is in cahoots with the ladies’ auxiliary of the Muslim Brotherhood. And, lastly, Clinton’s Islamofascist sympathies were secured with a bribe from Iran.

After reading that article on Page 7 I’m extending my subscription two additional years. My copy is available to be borrowed. I can only imagine what these nuts are going to say as the 2016 election for president draws near.

California State University Channel Islands will start offering an online business degree program this fall. The deadline to apply is July 15: or by calling 800-992-7886.

From the file marked “It’s about time,” Japan was ordered by the World Court to halt its annual slaughter of whales in the Antarctic.

Almost 25% of inmates in California prisons tested positive for alcohol or drugs. Authorities said there were more than 4,000 drug-related incidents in 2013. More than half the positive tests involved marijuana, 20% indicated morphine use, 14% showed methamphetamines, 11% showed amphetamines and 2% showed cocaine.

And then there is the Apple Valley, California School District that will allow students to hand out Bible coins on campus.

Was it really 11 years ago Governor Gray Davis was recalled and Arnold Schwarzenegger took over? In 2004 Proposition 57 to borrow $15 billion was passed by the voters. Recently Governor Jerry Brown proposed spending an additional $1.6 billion from a projected surplus to make the final payment during the fiscal year that will start July 1, 2014. Total cost will be $19.5 billion, which includes $4.5 billion in interest. Those Wall Street bankers are mean hombres.

My telephone has been ringing off the hook since Herb Jeffries, who took his stepfather’s name, died at age 100 in the San Fernando Valley. A great actor whose movies featured an all-black cast, he was the first African American singing cowboy. He was born Umberto Valentino to an Irish mother and a Sicilian father and had a great-grandparent who was Ethiopian. I was fortunate to purchase one of his films at Fry’s several years ago, and most everybody in town wants to borrow it.

I’m sure I’m correct when I say France is America’s oldest ally. But sometimes you wonder, when Paris signed an agreement with Russia for $1.6 billion to supply Moscow with two Mistral class amphibious assault ships for the Russian Navy. Each ship can carry 700 soldiers, four landing craft, 13 tanks and 16 helicopters.

When is Congress going to close the loopholes that big companies such as Caterpillar use to avoid paying taxes? Caterpillar shifted some $8 billion in profits into a Swiss subsidiary to avoid paying more than $2 billion owed our country. If you or I did that the best we could hope for would be a co-ed prison.

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