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In Memorium

Peter Wellington Loomer


March 27, 2014

During the 1950's Peter Loomer co-taught with Robert Johnson at Culver City High. They initiated a carefully developed course that combined English and American History; it was termed American Civilization. It quickly became the academic jewel in Culver High's curriculum.

Very rapidly, Culver High students recognized the value that this class offered them, and all scheduled American Civ classes were filled to capacity. From its inception, the course was a pace setter, and the English curriculum was Mr. Loomer's domain.

Peter Loomer constantly reviewed his materials and notes; his purposeful inclusion of prevailing literary tastes insured future life-long readers. He complimented Robert's lectures on history with corollary comments on the prevailing literature of the periods under study.

He assigned, scrupulously evaluated and returned student essays in a timely manner. He cultivated his students like hot house flowers. Their skills development, their abilities to express their views and their development of an honorable character were among his daily pursuits. He and Robert provided Culver High students with a molding process that insured their future college success, as well as their development as men and women of integrity.

I know of Peter's and Robert's enormous contributions to our Culver City children and their futures because my children directly benefitted from them.

With Peter's recent passing in January, I was again reminded of his enormous gifts to this community. I find myself particularly grateful for having known Peter because he became my mentor. Prior to Pete's assistance I had quite a few rough pedagogical edges.

Pete helped me smooth them out. He counseled me, and reassured me that I could succeed as he had. Prior to his retirement during the 1980's he made way for me as his successor. Of the many lessons this remarkable teacher provided me, which included the bonus of a delightful sense of humor, was his recommendation to listen to the students. Pete was an extremely accomplished listener, and one might argue that that listening capacity was the biggest reason that he taught so effectively.

Culver City was fortunate to have enjoyed Peter Loomer's instructional skills.

He was our very own Mr. Yahoo on Fridays.

Nancy Goldberg CCUSD


Reader Comments

NProvince writes:

Mr. Loomer and Dr. Johnson were quite a team. I still benefit from two different lit classes with Loomer; everything he taught resonated passionate relevance and meaning (Edna St. Vincent Millay -- clap clap). He was instrumental to developing critical thinking skills. But I'd call the author of this fond memory, Mrs. Goldberg, the jewel-in-CCHS' crown. Without her kindness, enthusiasm, and spirited guidance, I, and many before and after me, might have chosen a very different path. CCHS '79.


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