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A Banner Year For The Clippers


November 14, 2013

By Bosmat Eynav

Sports Columnist

Much has been said in the past two weeks about a certain controversial step taken by 'Doc' - the Los Angeles Clippers coach.

To remind you, when the Clippers are playing on their home court at Staples Center he went ahead and replaced all the Lakers' banners with photographs of his team.

This clear and obvious move does not justify the media's strong responses.

The way I see it, it's like a father's intention to make his son believe in himself... that's how Doc creates an environment that will reassure his boys' confidence.

In my point of view, Doc is a person who believes in change and knows how to make it happen. The turning point with the Clippers has already happened last year; they showed the league they are on a roll and gaining power.

Doc is reflecting this increasing strength to his team's players, and by doing so he's granting them the confidence to believe in their abilities and their rights to stand tall facing the 'big muscular brother, the Lakers, and say this is my turn.


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