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Del Rey Murder Suspect Still at Large


February 9, 2011

Despite an early arrest in the case, police have ruled that person out as a suspect in last Friday’s murder of 29-year-old Michael John Baldwin in the 550 block of Margaret Avenue in the Del Rey neighborhood bordering Culver City.

Baldwin, who was driving a stolen Lexus IS300, was shot several times including once in the neck while in the vehicle. Shell casings were found in the street near the shooting. The Lexus was reported stolen two weeks ago in West Los Angeles.

Los Angeles Police Officers responded to a shooting call at 7 a.m. last Friday to find the victim in the car. Los Angeles Fire Department Paramedics pronounced him dead at the scene.

The person arrested was described as “a person of interest” after a police chase, however the Los Angeles Police Department says he is no longer a suspect in the case.

Police say the murder does not appear to be gang related.

While using a Culver City zip code, Margaret Avenue is actually part of the City of Los Angeles in an area known as Del Rey. It is bounded by both the Marina and San Diego Freeways and Jefferson Boulevard and falls within the jurisdiction of the LAPD.

Local media incorrectly describe the area as Culver City.


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