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College Unaware Of Recent Drilling


February 9, 2011

“West Los Angeles College was in no way aware of, or involved with the recent drilling of a new oil well by Plains Exploration and Production (PXP),” stated John Oester, WLAC’s Vice President of Operations.

The college was told that the drilling began on January 28, 2011 on property directly adjacent to the new campus road prompting several of the college’s neighboring home owner associations to question if there was a connection between the road construction and the new well construction. The college’s new road, College Boulevard, will open in February and connects the campus to Jefferson Boulevard between LaCienega and Overland.

The questions regarding drilling came as a surprise to the administration which had no knowledge of the drilling activity until the home owners’ calls were received.

Culver City and its residents along with residents of Baldwin Hills are currently contesting PXP’s plans to establish additional wells in the Inglewood Oil Fields, also known as the Baldwin Hills Oil Field.


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