City Council Appoints Members of Commissions, Boards, Committees

The City Council made dozens of appointments across 12 Commissions, Boards, and Committees. In total, 105 applications were received. At the beginning of June, the City Council held a Special Meeting to conduct interviews of all CBC applicants. The following people were appointed:

• Civil Service Commission – Chi Ming Gong

• Cultural Affairs Commission – Damon Willick

• Parks, Recreation, and Community Services Commission – Marci Baun

• Planning Commission – Jackson Brissette

• Advisory Committee on Housing and Homelessness – Patrick Godinez, Khin Khin Gyi, Dana Sayles, Amberly Washington

• Disability Advisory Committee – Marie Albertson, Jessica Burnett, Robin Langman, Shellena Leftridge, Yu-ngok Lo

• Equity and Human Relations Advisory Committee – Samia Bano, Benicio Mora-Fattorini, Rebecca Rona-Tuttle, Carlos Valverde

• Finance Advisory Committee – Leigh Austin, Marc Bauer, Keith Jones, Vikram Thakur

• Landlord Tenant Mediation Board – Alexander Brody, Justin Lescoulie, Velma Harrison

• MLK Jr. Celebration and Juneteenth Celebration Advisory Committee – Karena Bibbins-Mceever, David Duval, Lisa Gordon Cain, Christian Green, Latoya Hearns, Amber Kearney, Curtis Raynor, Carissa Joy Smith, Andrew Weiss

• LAX Area Advisory Committee – Beth Hyatt, Adam Moore, Luciano Nocera


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