City Council Weighs Use of Former Gun Shop

City Council Weighs Use of Former gun Shop

On Tuesday, the City Council discussed the direction on determining the future use of the former Martin B. Retting gun shop, which the City purchased in September. Since the acquisition, the building was vacated in January and its exterior was then repainted by the City. A mural project, which was completed by the City's Artist Laureate Katy Krantz, added vibrant new artwork to the site. More than a dozen community members spoke, suggesting various uses for the space and emphasizing the need for a "rigorous process" to gather additional input through public meetings and surveys.

In September of 2023, the Culver City City Council bought the building from the shop for over $6 million after the owner retired. Part of the reason for the purchase was to prevent another gun store there which is 2 blocks from La Ballona Elementary School.

The one-story, 4,660 square-foot building, located on the corner of Washington Boulevard and Huron Avenue, was constructed in 1953. City Council considered the format, timing, and goals related to the community input. Ultimately, the Council requested the City staff to propose an outreach plan that will come back on a future agenda for approval this summer. No formal action was taken.


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