Epic Music and Movement on the Culver City Steps


April 11, 2024

Emersion Music is presenting the third and final installment of its trilogy live concert performance series on April 24th and 25th at 7:00 pm at the Culver Steps in the downtown Culver City plaza.

This concert installment, RENEWAL: Harmonizing Our Tomorrow, will explore what 'renewal' means for individuals in our diverse and growing city through live strings and movement.

The concert will feature the work of six local award-winning film and media composers: Emer Kinsella (Saturn), Hannah Parrott (Shelter - Amazon Prime), Carla Patullo (Grammy winner), Denise Santos (Emmy winner), Matthew Wang (Yo Yo Honey Singh: Famous - Netflix), and Yuichiro Oku (Unknown 9 Namco Bandai). Performed by an intimate six piece chamber string ensemble 'The Emersion Ensemble' led by EMER, an artist known for crafting emotionally resonating soundscapes with cutting edge strings.

Movement artist Darrel "Friidom" Dunn will return with his troop of dancers to bring the pieces to life with movement. Friidom combines elements of Krump, Street Styles, and philharmonic conducting to express emotions and stories through music and motion.

The concert series began to create a space for the community to hear the works of modern-day film and media composers. "This concert is not just about the music; it's about creating a narrative setting in a real-life, site-specific location-an uncommon feat in our industry," says concert director Emer Kinsella, "Through this unique experience, we want to share the beauty and significance of our community's creative voices and reflect on what Renewal means to each of us."

Emer Kinsella has been working on this concert series over the past five years and is very excited to see the last installment come to life. "After the first installment of this trilogy, there was a pandemic; after the second, there was a writer's strike, so with this one, I want to celebrate renovation in times of hardship and coming out stronger on the other side," she said. Emer, originally from Ireland, is also nearing her tenth anniversary of living in the USA. She is incredibly grateful to work with friends and collaborators who have been instrumental along her journey in this concert. "The people I'll be sharing the stage with on the 24th and 25th are all special to me," she gushes.

Community members who have attended the past two concerts, Intrinsic Strings on the Overlook (2019) and Renovation on the Steps (2022), have come away inspired and awe-struck. Concert-goer Sasha Marie Speer said about the last concert, "One of the most magical, transformative experiences of my life to date."

This concert was in part made possible by the Culver City Performing Arts Grant funded by the City of Culver City and its Cultural Affairs Commission with support from Sony Pictures Entertainment, BMI, Fine Line Music, The Alliance for Women Film Composers, Creative Visions, and CIACLA (Contemporary Irish Arts Center LA).

Tickets for the event are now available online.

For more information or to purchase tickets for RENEWAL, please visit http://www.emersionmusic.com

Tickets: Available on Eventbrite: https://renewalconcert.eventbrite.com



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