A Life Changing Experience with Air Force One

I was waiting to enter LAX so I could see Air Force One and meet important people, possibly the president. While I waited, police motorcycles, cars, limos, firetrucks and many black Suburbans entered the airport. When the Secret Service let us in, they told us to get out of our car while the K9 police dog Officer Bobby searched it. Afterwards we followed a police car to a parking spot on the tarmac. The Secret Service agent scanned us to see if we had any forbidden items. Afterwards, Kid Scoop Media reporter Mateo and I stood on the tarmac and waited.

The first person we met was Tracey Leong from NBC 4 News. I asked her, "If you could be any animal, what would it be, and why?" She said she would be a dog, specifically a bichon-poo hybrid, a combination of a bichon and a poodle, because she loves dogs and has one herself. Mateo also asked, "Have you ever covered Air Force One before?" She responded, "Not yet with Joe Biden, but I did in D.C. for Donald Trump." This was our first time too.

Then we talked to Secret Service agent Wesley. We asked him what his favorite part of his job was. He said, "Stuff like this - being around the president and other important people." He also talked about how he had started out in the Marine Corps working with radios, and then he flew helicopters in the army. He is now a Secret Service agent. What a journey!

After we talked to Wesley, we saw that Air Force One was coming. That's when LA Mayor Karen Bass and Congresswoman Maxine Waters came out from a private area to greet the president when he landed. Mateo and I got the chance to take a photo with them. I got to ask Mayor Bass a question - I asked her, "What is your favorite part of your job?" She said, "Talking to young people like you - they inspire me!" Mayor Karen Bass is an extraordinarily kind person.

Then Air Force One landed. It was a big, blue, beautiful plane. Then, after some waiting, President Joe Biden came out. He didn't stop and chat but before he got in the Beast he pointed and waved at Mateo and me! This was a life changing experience and I'm thrilled to have encountered the landing of Air Force One.


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