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The Rams have a 99 problem


March 14, 2024

George Laase

Aaron Donald retires at the age of 32 after a great ten year career. Donald had 111 career sacks from the defensive tackle position in ten seasons and was a three-time NFL Defensive Player of the Year for the Rams.

The Los Angeles Rams have a defensive line problem, and fans across the league will feel bad for them––some. For 10 years, the NFL had a 99 problem. And now, the Los Angeles Rams have one.

Los Angeles faces a moment of reckoning as their defensive linchpin, Aaron Donald, bids farewell to the game. With his departure, the Rams are staring down a colossal challenge as they gear up for the upcoming NFL Draft.

Donald's exit leaves a cavernous hole in the heart of the Rams' defense, a void that won't be easily filled. Throughout his storied decade-long career, Donald carved out a legacy of dominance, instilling fear in offensive lines, quarterbacks, and divisional foes alike.

His relentless pursuit of perfection, coupled with a skill set defined by speed and power, made him a perpetual nightmare for opposing offenses. Fans and peers alike marveled at his prowess, earning him widespread admiration across the league.

Now, as the Rams peer into an uncertain future, they're tasked with the monumental challenge of finding a successor to the irreplaceable Aaron Donald. It's a daunting endeavor, to say the least, but one they must tackle head-on if they're to maintain their competitive edge-especially after gearing up and expecting to vie for divisional supremacy.

George Laase

Aaron Donald Was a eight-time first team All-Pro and and made the Pro Bowl in all ten seasons he played for the Rams. He will be missed.

The timing of Donald's retirement couldn't have been more ill-fated for the Rams. With the team's soul stepping away from the game, Los Angeles is teetering on the brink of uncertainty.

In the early days of free agency, opportunities to fortify their defensive line beckoned. Players like Christian Wilkins and Arik Armstead dangled within reach, offering tantalizing solutions to fill the void left by Donald's departure.

Yet, despite the potential, the Rams cannot capitalize on these opportunities, leaving them scrambling to address their defensive deficiencies in the wake of Donald's retirement. Now, general manager Les Snead must navigate the complexities of the draft and remaining free agency with meticulous precision and strategy, hoping to unearth a worthy successor to one of the most extraordinary defensive talents the game has ever known.

See you in Canton, AD!

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