Measure E Appears to Be Approved by Voters

Culver City voters had only one local issue to vote on, measure E.

Preliminary unofficial returns shoe the measure passing by a comfortable margin.

As of Wednesday morning the raw vote totals are:

YES 3,561 58.79%

NO 2,496 41.21%

The most controversial county issue was the race for District Attorney. Incumbent District Attorney George Gascon appears to be headed to a runoff in November against challenger Nathan


Preliminary totals stand at : 1748822 with 21.40%, NATHAN HOCHMAN 144,757 with 17.72%Incumbents Holly Mitchell, second district supervisor and Janice Hahn, fourth district appear to have been re-elected outright, avoiding a runoff in the November general election.

Voter turnout was extremely low with only 16.03& of the registered voters casting ballots.

For live returns with totals go to:


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