City Shares Update on Local Homelessness Emergency

The City Council received another update from Tevis Barnes, Director of Housing and Human Services, on Culver City's homelessness emergency. Barnes spoke about the recent Greater Los Angeles Homeless Count. While numbers were not yet released, Barnes noted the number of individuals on the streets in Culver City were lower than previous years.

Since the Homelessness Emergency was ratified by the City Council in January 2023, the City has dedicated over $15 million address homelessness for Fiscal Year 2023-2024. On Monday, the City Council approved receipt and filing of the report detailing the achievements and expenditures. Since the proclamation of the Local Emergency, the City has achieved a number of accomplishments. The Safe Sleep Program, now known as the Wellness Village, was brought online in the summer and can serve up to 40 unhoused neighbors in 20 tents (suites). The Motel Master Leasing Program provides 64 motel rooms for temporary interim housing and includes three daily meals. The Mobile Crisis Team was formed, and a van was purchased for its use. Both Project Homekey facilities were opened. And the City conducted 53 Care and Service Days that provided outreach services to locations throughout the City, as well as cleaning and debris removal. You can read the cost breakdown on the staff report online.

Since the opening of the Wellness Village, 37 guests have participated with 14 currently residing at the location. Nineteen guests have moved to Project Homekey. Currently 37 people live at Project Homekey with full-capacity anticipated in mid-March. Since January 2023, the Motel Master Leasing Program has welcomed 52 individuals. Forty people currently occupy the program. Ten people have moved to Project Homekey. While the Mobile Crisis team will officially launch on March 4th, it has been semi-deployed since October 2023. It has helped place 14 unhoused neighbors in interim housing, while also connecting with 103 individuals. The team also assisted police and fire in saving the life of a person who had overdosed.

Los Angeles County's Department of Mental Health also presented coordinated homeless outreach services. Both the County's Homeless Outreach & Mobile Engagement and Psychiatric Mobile Response Team will work closely with the Mobile Crisis Team.


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