Residents to Vote on Hike in Property Taxes

California voters will head to the polls next Tuesday March 5th for the California Primary election. Voters will choose how many delegates President Joe Biden and Donald Trump will have at the Democratic and Republican conventions, respectively.

Voters will also decide the top two candidates, who will advance to the November general election.

for the United States Senate seat for California.

All fifty two congressional seats will be on the ballot.

Ther is no dispute that the school campuses in Culver City are in terrible condition.

The Culver City Unified School District Board of Education has place a measure E on the March 5 ballot to District to issue $358 million in bonds levying $600 per $1 million in assessed value, for the purpose of school

improvements. Upgrade neighborhood schools with locally-controlled funding; improve classrooms/instructional technology for college/career readiness; fix leaky roofs, crumbling ceilings and aging, deteriorating electrical, plumbing, fire safety and security systems; repair, construct, and acquire classrooms, labs, facilities, sites, equipment; shall Culver City Unified School District's measure authorizing $358,000,000 in bonds at legal rates be adopted, levying 6¢ per $ 100 of assessed value, raising $22,000,000 annually while bonds are outstanding, with independent, public oversight/audits?

Supporters include Culver City CC Education Foundation; Principal Casey Chabola; former PTA President Rebecca Anderson; Councilman Dan O'Brien; 26-yr CCUSD teacher Tony Spano and the Culver City Democratic Club.

Opponentlists are Crystal Alexander, Former Culver City Treasurer; Ron Ostrin, Atty; Anne Allaire, Former Board Members; Rosalind LaBriola; Carolyn Libuser, from SaveCCUSD.

The CCUSD Teachers Union voted to neither endorse nor oppose Measure E.


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