Smallwood-Cuevas' Statement on Appointment as Chair of the Cuevas Labor, Public Employment and Retirement Committee


February 22, 2024

Senator Lola Smallwood- (D-Los Culver City) has released the following statement about her recent appointment by California Senate Pro Tem Mike McGuire as the new Chairperson of the Labor, Public Employment and Retirement Committee:

"I am honored to serve as the new chair of this incredibly important committee because it uplifts legislation that helps empower and protect California's workers. From my longtime work on the frontlines of the labor movement and steadfast vision for an equitable workforce, I am ready and capable to lead this committee to address critical issues facing workers across our state.

"Through my leadership on this committee, I will strive to champion legislation that prioritizes building a workforce where the dignity of labor is upheld. My focus will be advocating for policies that strengthen workers' rights, ensure fair wages, and foster an inclusive workforce to create a more equitable California for both workers and industry.

"I extend my deep appreciation to Pro Tem Mike McGuire for entrusting me to serve in this extraordinary leadership role. I look forward to working collaboratively with my hardworking and committed colleagues to enact impactful policies that will shape a more prosperous future for all Californians."


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