2023 NFL Power Rankings – Week 17

1. Baltimore Ravens (12-3): The Ravens have won seven games against teams with winning records by 14 points or more. The latest was a 33-19 win over the 49ers on the road. The Ravens will again be tested this weekend, with a matchup at home against the 11-4 Dolphins. Next: -3.5 vs Miami Dolphins – Sun, Dec. 31 – O/U: 47 (ATS: 10-5 – O/U: 7-8)

2. San Francisco 49ers (11-4): The 49ers were stunned at home by the Ravens, 33-19. That will happen when your team throws five interceptions and loses the turnover battle, 5-0. No reason to panic. If the 49ers win their next four games, they will be playing football in February in Las Vegas. Next: -12.5 at Washington Commanders – Sun, Dec. 31 – O/U: 49.5 (ATS: 8-7 – O/U: 9-6)

3. Detroit Lions (11-4): The Lions clinched their first division title since 1993 by defeating the Vikings on the road, 30-24. How significant is this? In 1993, there was no Facebook, Google, YouTube, or Amazon. That gives you an idea as to how long it has been since the Lions last won a division title. Next: +6 at Dallas Cowboys – Sat, Dec. 30 – O/U: 53.5 (ATS: 10-5 – O/U: 10-5)

4. Miami Dolphins (11-4): The Dolphins knocked off the Cowboys, 22-20, behind the quarterback Tua Tagovailoa's 293 passing yards and five field goal from kicker Jason Sanders. The Dolphins have a huge game this weekend against the Ravens in Baltimore. Next: +3.5 at Baltimore Ravens - Sun, Dec. 31 – O/U: 47 (ATS: 10-5 – O/U: 8-7)

5. Philadelphia Eagles (11-4): The Eagles needed to end their three-game losing streak and the schedule-maker obliged, giving the Eagles a home game against the Giants. The result was a 33-25 win over the Giants. The Eagles need to win their final two games to clinch the NFC East division title. Next: -10.5 vs Arizona Cardinals – Sun, Dec. 31 – O/U: 48 (ATS: 7-6-2 – O/U: 8-7)

6. Buffalo Bills (9-6): The Bills squeaked by the Chargers, 24-22. Quarter Josh Allen became the first player in NFL history to account for 40 or more touchdowns in four consecutive seasons. Against the Chargers, he rushed for two touchdowns and threw for one in the win at SoFi Stadium. Next: -11.5 vs New England Patriots - Sun, Dec. 31 – O/U: 40.5 (ATS: 6-9 – O/U: 5-10)

7. Dallas Cowboys (10-5): Once again, the Cowboys lost a game on the road, losing to the Dolphins, 22-20. The Cowboys are not road warriors, with a 3-5 road record. Their three road wins have been against the Giants, Chargers, and Panthers, teams with a combined record of 12-33. Next: -6 vs Detroit Lions - Sat, Dec. 30 - O/U: 53.5 (ATS: 9-6 – O/U: 8-7)

8. Cleveland Browns (10-5): Father Time has been kind to quarterback Joe Flacco, who in his 16th season is having a rebirth as the starting quarterback of the Browns. Flacco, who will turn 39 in January, led the Browns to a 36-22 win over the Texans, throwing for 368 yards and three touchdowns. Next: -7.5 vs New York Jets – Thu, Dec. 28 – O/U: 34.5 (ATS: 9-5-1 – O/U: 9-6)

9. Kansas City Chiefs (9-6): The Chiefs fell to the Raiders at home, 20-14 and also dropped to 9-6 for the season. Two turnovers led directly to 14 points for the Raiders. This Chiefs team, if they make the playoffs, may not make it out of the wild-card round. Next: -7 vs Cincinnati Bengals - Sun, Dec. 31 – O/U: 44.5 (ATS: 7-7-1 – O/U: 5-10)

10. Los Angeles Rams (8-7): The Rams have won five of their last six games and can at least say that they are the best 8-7 team in the NFL. They are playing well on both sides of the football, although their kicker has struggled, and they seem to let up late in games with big leads. Next: -5.5 at New York Giants – Sun, Dec. 31 – O/U: 43.5 (ATS: 9-5-1 – O/U: 7-8)

11. Cincinnati Bengals (8-7): Bengals quarterback Jake Browning finally had a bad game in the blowout loss to the Steelers. Playing without star wide receiver Ja'Marr Chase did not help. The Bengals have a tough road game this week to keep their playoff hopes alive. Next: +7 at Kansas City Chiefs – Sun, Dec. 31 – O/U: 44.5 (ATS: 6-7-2 – O/U: 9-6)

12. Jacksonville Jaguars (8-7): The Jaguars were trounced by the Buccaneers, their third consecutive loss. The Jags are in a three-way tie for first place in the crummy AFC South and could still win the division. But they look like a one-and-done in the playoffs. Next: -6.5 vs Carolina Panthers - Sun, Dec. 31 – O/U: 37.5 (ATS: 8-7 – O/U: 7-8)

13. Houston Texans (8-7): The Texans should have C.J. Stroud back this week and they will need him. The Texans need to win their final two games to have a shot at making the playoffs, either as a division winner or with a wild-card berth. Next: -4.5 vs Tennessee Titans – Sun, Dec. 31 – O/U 42.5 (ATS: 7-8 – O/U: 6-9)

14. Seattle Seahawks (8-7): For the second game in a row, the Seahawks won by a 20-17 score with a last minute come-from-behind victory. The Seahawks have given themselves a decent shot at making the playoffs with two game remaining. Next: -3.5 vs Pittsburgh Steelers – Sun, Dec. 31 – O/U: 41.5 (ATS: 8-5-2 – O/U: 6-9)

15. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (8-7): Quarterback Baker Mayfield thoroughly outplayed Trevor Lawrence in a 30-12 pounding of the Jaguars in Tampa. Mayfield is having his best season with the Bucs, throwing 26 touchdowns and eight interceptions. Next: -3 vs New Orleans Saints - Sun, Dec. 31 – O/U: 42.5 (ATS: 10-5 – O/U: 6-9)

16. Indianapolis Colts (8-7): The Colts got soundly beaten in Atlanta, losing to the Falcons, 29-10. They finish up at home the last two weeks of the season, with the Raiders and Texans, two teams with physical defenses. Making the playoffs will not be easy for the Colts. Next: -3.5 vs Las Vegas Raiders – Sun, Dec. 31 – O/U: 43.5 (ATS: 9-6 – O/U: 10-5)

17. Pittsburgh Steelers (8-7): The Steelers ended a three-game losing streak by taking out their frustrations on the Bengals, 34-11. Backup quarterback Mason Rudolph, seeing his first regular season action in a couple of years, threw for 290 yards and two touchdowns in the victory. Next: +3.5 at Seattle Seahawks – Sun, Dec. 31 – O/U: 41.5 (ATS: 8-7 – O/U: 5-10)

18. Las Vegas Raiders (7-8): The Raiders stunned the Chiefs on Christmas day in Kansas City, 20-14. The Raiders scored two defensive touchdowns in seven seconds in the victory. The Raiders became the fifth team ever to beat the Chiefs in Arrowhead Stadium without scoring an offensive touchdown. Next: +3.5 at Indianapolis Colts - Sun, Dec. 31 – O/U: 43.5 (ATS: 8-6-1 – O/U: 4-11)

19. Denver Broncos (7-8): The Broncos have decided to bench quarterback Russell Wilson after a second consecutive loss on Sunday Night, this one to the lowly Patriots. Wilson was acquired from the Seahawks in a disastrous trade that cost two first-round picks and two second-round picks and a whole lot of money. Jarrett Stidham will start at QB against the Chargers on Sunday. Next: -3.5 vs Los Angeles Chargers – Sun, Dec. 31 – O/U: 37.5 (ATS: 5-9-1 – O/U: 7-8)

20. Minnesota Vikings (7-8): The Vikings have lost four of their last five games and are on the verge of playoff elimination. The Vikings have not decided who they will start at quarterback this week, which is always a bad sign this late in the season. Next: -1.5 vs Green Bay Packers – Sun, Dec. 31 – O/U: 46.5 (ATS: 7-5-3 – O/U: 5-10)

21. New Orleans Saints (7-8): The Saints are 7-8 after a loss to the Rams and need to win their final two games to have any chance to make the playoffs. In an era where it helps if a quarterback can run, quarterback Derek Carr has 37 yards rushing in 15 games. Next: +3 at Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Sun, Dec. 31 – O/U: 42.5 (ATS: 4-10-1 – O/U: 5-10)

22. Green Bay Packers (7-8): The Packers pulled out a 33-30 win over the Panthers on the road to keep their thin playoff hopes alive. The Packers need to beat the Vikings on the road and the Bears at home to have a shot at the playoffs. Next: +1.5 at Minnesota Vikings - Sun, Dec. 31 – O/U: 46.5 (ATS: 7-8 – O/U: 9-6)

23. Chicago Bears (6-9): The Bears knocked off the Cardinals in Chicago, 27-16, and appear to be showing improvement as the season comes to an end. The Bears have won three of their last four games. Next: -3 vs Atlanta Falcons - Sun, Dec. 31 – O/U: 37.5 (ATS: 7-6-2 – O/U: 8-7)

24. Atlanta Falcons (7-8): The Falcons found their offense behind quarterback Taylor Heinicke and running back Bijan Robinson, easily defeating the Colts, 29-10. Robinson, a high first round pick in the 2023 NFL Draft, had 72 yards rushing and 50 yards in receptions in the win. Next: +3 at Chicago Bears – Sun, Dec. 31 – O/U: 37.5 (ATS: 5-10 – O/U: 5-10)

25. Tennessee Titans (5-10): The Titans lost to the Seahawks and are done for the season. Rookie quarterback Will Levis missed the game due to an injury and the passing offense is not the same without him. Former starting quarterback Ryan Tannehill is done in Tennessee and should consider retirement. Next: +4.5 at Houston Texans – Sun, Dec. 31 – O/U: 42.5 (ATS: 6-8-1 – O/U: 5-10)

26. New York Giants (5-10): The Giants made it interesting but ultimately fell to the Eagles, 33-25. The Giants currently have the 5th pick in the first round of the 2024 NFL Draft if the season ended today. Next: +5.5 vs Los Angeles Rams – Sun, Dec. 31 – O/U: 43.5 (ATS: 6-8-1 – O/U: 5-10)

27. New York Jets (6-9): The Jets needed a 54-yard field goal from kicker Greg Zuerlein with five seconds remaining to overcome the Commanders, 30-28. The Jets led 27-7 at halftime, but they wouldn't be the Jets if they didn't make it entertaining by blowing a 20-point lead. Next: +7.5 at Cleveland Browns - Thu, Dec. 28 – O/U: 34.5 (ATS: 5-9-1 – O/U: 6-9)

28. Los Angeles Chargers (5-10): The Chargers competed on Saturday Night, but in the end fell short, 24-22 to the Bills. The Chargers currently have the 6th pick in the first round of the 2024 NFL Draft and should be looking hard at Georgia tight end Brock Bowers, a three-time first team All-SEC selection and a generational talent at tight end. Next: +3.5 at Denver Broncos - Sun, Dec. 31 – O/U: 37.5 (ATS: 6-9 – O/U: 5-10)

29. New England Patriots (4-11): The Patriots stunned the Broncos in Denver, 26-23. It is interesting to see that the Pats have not quit on their season and are competing. This has been a tough season for head coach Bill Belichick, but he is showing that he can still coach. Next: +11.5 at Buffalo Bills – Sun, Dec. 31 – O/U: 40.5 (ATS: 4-10-1 – O/U: 6-9)

30. Washington Commanders (4-11): The Commanders lost to the Jets and are two games away from the end of the season, which means they are two games away from firing head coach Ron Rivera. The new ownership of the Commanders needs a fresh start. According to Spotrac.com, the Commanders have an estimated $88.9 million in salary cap space in 2024 along with a current top five pick in the 2024 NFL draft. Next: +12.5 vs San Francisco 49ers – Sun, Dec. 31 – O/U: 49.5 (ATS: 6-8-1 – O/U: 9-6)

31. Arizona Cardinals (3-12): The Cardinals lost to the Bears on the road and their fans are looking forward to next season. The Cardinals currently have the 2nd pick in the 2024 NFL Draft, the 17th overall pick and six picks in the first three rounds. They also have over $50 million in salary cap space in 2024. The Cardinals 2024 offseason will be much more interesting than the 2023 regular season. Next: +10.5 at Philadelphia Eagles - Sun, Dec. 31 – O/U: 48 (ATS: 8-7 – O/U: 9-6)

32. Carolina Panthers (2-13): The Panthers are two losses away from clinching the top pick in the 2024 NFL Draft for the Bears, who have the Panthers top pick from a 2023 trade. The Panthers need a head coach to replace their recently fired head coach, Frank Reich. With a roster lacking in top NFL talent, this is a massive rebuilding project for the next head coach. Next: +6.5 at Jacksonville Jaguars - Sun, Dec. 31 – O/U: 37.5 (ATS: 4-9-2 – O/U: 5-10)


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