Yasmine Imani-McMorrin Elected Mayor

The annual rotation of the Mayoral position took place at thee city council meeting on Monday December 1 when the council elected councilwoman Yasmine Imani McMorrin to become the city's next mayor. She becomes the first woman of color to be Culver City's Mayor.

McMorrin has served as the Vice Mayor for the previous year. Councilman 'Dan Brien was elected Vice Mayor at that meeting. The election takes place by the sitting councilmembers and the vote was unanimous.

The mayor leads the city council meets and remains a voting member of the body

Should the mayor be unable to attend the vice mayor will step in to run that meeting.

City council ha adopted what many consider a fair rotation .system for the largely ceremonial position where each councilmember would have the opportunity to be mayor before anyone could serve a second term.

In accepting the election Mayor McMorrin stated, "I'm grateful for this opportunity to continue to serve Culver City in this capacity as its newest, historic Mayor. As only the 6th woman – and first Black woman – councilmember, this moment is not lost on me, and I thank my colleagues for their vote of confidence to lead us through the next year with them and Vice-Mayor O'Brien. In these extraordinary times, our city requires steady, focused, and forward-thinking policies that advance our community's businesses and protect those who need us the most.

I look forward to tackling the challenges ahead and boosting our successes as we work to build a more prosperous and inclusive Culver City."


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