"Go Easy, Listen to Your Body," say Running Coaches

Thanking their guests for taking an important first step toward finishing the Screenland 5K, Olympic Gold Medalist LaShinda Demus, lead trainer David Winslow, and a team of accomplished athletes and coaches encouraged participants to "be careful, go easy, listen to your body and don't hurt yourself" in the recent workout at Culver City High School track.

Walkers and runners of all abilities are invited to participate in the next complimentary "Sofa to Screenland5K" session, Sunday, Dec. 17, 3:00-4:00 p.m., at Culver High track. Additional free training sessions are slated for Jan. 7, 14, 28, and Feb. 11, 25 to prepare guests for the Screenland 5K held on Mar. 10 at Ivy Station, Culver City.

Winslow said "doing the steps" to prepare for the Screenland 5K is good for mind and body no matter your fitness level.

Demus advised the participants to stay active. "It's good for your mental health. You are training that muscle daily, telling yourself, 'I can do it,' and developing that go-getter mindset," said Demus.

"As a flat, fun, and family-oriented hometown event around the studios, the Screenland 5K is an easy entry to an active lifestyle," said Winslow.

Demus counseled the runners to walk or run the Screenland 5k as they choose. "There's no rule book and no pressure. You can create a plan to fit your fitness level. You take your paths of being active," she said.

"Our sessions promote fun, family, and fitness, which develops camaraderie and great health," said Winslow. "We're not here to set world records."

As a former high school, college, and Olympic champion hurdler, Demus knows what it takes to excel.

"Preparation is the predecessor to success. You prepare to succeed."

"We prepare to fly, travel, and go to bed. How you do one thing you should do for others. It would be best if you prepared to take your body through strenuous effort occasionally. The Screenland 5K is a great place to start."

"We had a great time, and our first clinic was well attended. Thanks to coaches Demus and Hamid Rostamian, kinesiologist Michele Bond, and Culver City High School cross country runners for their support, pointers, and info," Winslow said. Midwest Roofing sponsors the sessions.

Enter code TRAIN20 for 20% off race entries at http://www.Screenland5K.com for a limited time.

2023DemusLegUp2.jpg A LEG-UP--Olympian LaShinda Demus and about 50 training session participants show balance and posture at Culver City High School track.

2023DemusArmUp.jpg STRADDLE--Olympic Gold Medalist LaShinda Demus leans into her side stretch with training session participants following a jog around the Culver High track.

2023WinslowCrouch.jpg KNEES OVER TOES--Training session leader David Winslow (at left) demonstrates a pre-jog knee bend while co-coaches Hamid Rostamian (second from right) and LaShinda Demus (at right) prepare to assist.a


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