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2023 NFL Power Rankings – Week 11


November 16, 2023

Brevin Townsell - LA Rams

Rookie punter Ethan Evans - averaging 48.4 yards per punt (40.2 Net) and 36.4% of punts inside 20-yard line for Rams this season

1. Philadelphia Eagles (8-1): The Eagles have the best record in the NFL and are coming off their bye week. Starting tight end Dallas Goedert, the third leading receiver on the Eagles, fractured his forearm in the victory over the Cowboys and will miss the next four to six weeks, which is never good news when your next four opponents are the Chiefs, Bills, 49ers, and Cowboys. Next: +2.5 at Kansas City Chiefs – Mon, Nov. 20 – O/U: 46.5 (ATS: 5-2-2 – O/U: 5-4)

2. Kansas City Chiefs (7-2): The Chiefs have the best record in the AFC and are cruising to an eighth consecutive AFC West title. The Raiders, the Chargers, and the Broncos all have five losses in the division and none of them are a threat to the Chiefs in the AFC West. Next: -2.5 vs Philadelphia Eagles - Mon, Nov. 20 – O/U: 46.5 (ATS: 6-3 – O/U: 2-7)

3. Detroit Lions (7-2): The Lions put on an impressive offensive showing against the Chargers in an exciting 41-38 victory. The Lions had 533 yards in total offense, no sacks were allowed, rushed for 200 yards on the Chargers run defense, and punted just once. Next: -9.5 vs Chicago Bears – Sun, Nov. 19 – O/U: 46.5 (ATS: 7-2 – O/U: 5-4)

4. Miami Dolphins (6-3): The Dolphins are coming off a bye and should be well-rested when they take on the Raiders in Miami, which could be bad news for the Raiders. The Dolphins have the top ranked offense in the NFL and will get speedy running back De'Von Achane back from injury this week. Next: -11.5 vs Las Vegas Raiders - Sun, Nov. 19 – O/U: 46.5 (ATS: 6-3 – O/U: 5-4)

5. Dallas Cowboys (6-3): The Cowboys easily defeated the Giants 49-17 at home this Sunday. The Cowboys look unbeatable when they play the Giants, outscoring them 89-17 in two games this season. Next: -10.5 at Carolina Panthers - Sun, Nov. 19 – O/U: 41.5 (ATS: 6-3 – O/U: 6-3)

6. San Francisco 49ers (6-3): The 49ers looked well-rested coming off their bye week in an easy 34-3 win over the Jaguars in Jacksonville. Running back Christian McCaffrey had a record 17-game consecutive touchdown streak end in the victory. Next: -10.5 vs Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Sun, Nov. 19 – O/U: 41.5 (ATS: 5-4 – O/U: 5-4)

7. Baltimore Ravens (7-3): The Ravens had a four-game winning streak, but the Browns put an end to that with a 33-31 win at Baltimore. The Ravens gave up 178 yards on the ground to the Browns and committed two turnovers and blew a 31-17 fourth quarter lead in the loss. Next: -3.5 vs Cincinnati Bengals – Thu, Nov. 16 – O/U 46 (ATS: 6-4 – O/U: 4-6)

8. Jacksonville Jaguars (6-3): The Jaguars were coming off a bye and were well-rested for a clash with the 49ers at home. Unfortunately for the Jags, they were completely dominated at home by the 49ers, 34-3. The 49ers outgained the Jags 437-221 in total offense and intercepted quarterback Trevor Lawrence twice. Next: -6.5 vs Tennessee Titans - Sun, Nov. 19 – O/U: 40.5 (ATS: 6-3 – O/U: 4-5)

9. Cleveland Browns (6-3): In some stunning news, the Browns announced early Wednesday morning that starting quarterback Deshaun Watson is done for the season and will undergo surgery to repair a fracture in his throwing shoulder. Watson led the Browns to comeback victory over the Ravens in Baltimore on Sunday. Next: -2.5 vs Pittsburgh Steelers – Sun, Nov. 19 – O/U: 34.5 (ATS: 5-3-1 – O/U: 5-4)

10. Seattle Seahawks (6-3): The Seahawks remain in a first-place tie in the NFC West with the 49ers after a 29-26 victory over the Commanders in Seattle. Quarterback Geno Smith completed 31 of 47 passes for 369 yards and threw two touchdown passes in the win. Next: -1 at Los Angeles Rams - Sun, Nov. 19 – O/U: 46 (ATS: 4-4-1 – O/U: 4-5)

11. Pittsburgh Steelers (6-3): The Steelers got their running game going on Sunday, rushing for 205 yards in a 23-19 win over the Packers in Pittsburgh. Jaylen Warren rushed for 101 yards and Najee Harris had 82 yards on the ground in a good sign for the Steelers, who had struggled running the ball earlier in the season. Next: +2.5 at Cleveland Browns – Sun, Nov. 19 – O/U: 34.5 (ATS: 6-3 – O/U: 2-7)

12. Minnesota Vikings (6-4): The Vikings won their fifth consecutive game this Sunday, defeating the Saints, 27-19 at home. They have been winning without star wide receiver Justin Jefferson, who will likely return this Sunday from a hamstring injury. Next: +2.5 at Denver Broncos – Sun, Nov. 19 – O/U: 43.5 (ATS: 6-3-1 – O/U: 3-7)

13. Houston Texans (5-4): Rookie Quarterback C.J. Stroud (Rancho Cucamonga H.S.) continues to amaze, leading the Texans to a 30-27 win over the Bengals in Cincinnati. Stroud threw for 356 yards and drove the offense to a game winning field goal as time expired in the upset victory. Next: -4.5 vs Arizona Cardinals – Sun, Nov. 19 – O/U 47.5 (ATS: 5-4 – O/U: 4-5)

14. Cincinnati Bengals (5-4): The Bengals were playing good football until they ran into the Texans this weekend. The Texans gained 544 yards in total offense against the Bengals and quarterback Joe Burrow threw two interceptions in a 30-27 loss to the Texans. Next: +3.5 at Baltimore Ravens – Thu, Nov. 16 – O/U 46 (ATS: 4-4-1 – O/U: 4-5)

15. Buffalo Bills (5-5): The Bills have been struggling on offense, and after their latest loss to the Broncos, decided to fire offensive coordinator Ken Dorsey. While Dorsey should be held accountable, there are others on the team that should also be held accountable, starting with the head coach. Next: -6.6 vs New York Jets - Sun, Nov. 19 – O/U: 40 (ATS: 3-7 – O/U: 3-7)

16. Indianapolis Colts (5-5): The Colts traveled to Munich to get a victory, 10-6 over the Patriots in a game that most fans should have just slept through. This was a bad matchup to sell to German audiences, and just reinforced their belief in soccer as the best and most exciting sport. Next: Bye – Following week: N/A vs Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Sun, Nov. 26 – O/U: N/A (ATS: 6-4 – O/U: 6-4)

17. New Orleans Saints (5-5): The Saints are all alone in first place in the NFC South despite losing to the Vikings on the road this week. The Saints have a bye this week but have a decent chance of remaining in first place due to the weakness of their division. Next: Bye – Following week: N/A at Atlanta Falcons – Sun, Nov. 26 – O/U: N/A (ATS: 2-7-1 – O/U: 3-7)

18. Las Vegas Raiders (5-5): The Raiders are riding a two-game winning streak after beating the Jets this weekend, but the schedule is going to change soon. Their next opponent will be a challenge and will test the Raiders pass defense. Next: +11.5 at Miami Dolphins - Sun, Nov. 19 – O/U: 46.5 (ATS: 5-5 – O/U: 2-8)

19. Los Angeles Chargers (4-5): The Chargers wasted another terrific performance by quarterback Justin Herbert in a 41-38 loss to the Lions. Herbert threw for 323 yards and four touchdowns but could not overcome a Chargers defense that allowed 533 yards in total offense and came up with zero sacks. Next: -3 at Green Bay Packers - Sun, Nov. 19 – O/U: 43.5 (ATS: 4-5 – O/U: 3-6)

20. Denver Broncos (4-5): The Broncos defeated the Bills in Buffalo on a 36-yard field goal with no time left on the clock to defeat the Bills, 24-22. With back-to-back wins over the Chiefs and Bills, the Broncos have come back from the dead and now have an outside shot at a playoff berth. Next: -2.5 vs Minnesota Vikings - Sun, Nov. 19 – O/U: 43.5 (ATS: 3-5-1 – O/U: 4-5)

21. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (4-5): The Buccaneers ended a four-game losing streak with a 20-6 win over the Titans. Quarterback Baker Mayfield threw for 278 yards and two touchdowns, with wide receiver Mike Evans catching 6 of his passes for 143 yards and a touchdown. Next: +10.5 at San Francisco 49ers - Sun, Nov. 19 – O/U: 41.5 (ATS: 6-3 – O/U: 2-7)

22. New York Jets (4-5): The amazing Jets loss to the Raiders in Las Vegas, 16-12. It is fairly obvious that the Jets have a bad offensive line, a mediocre quarterback, and an offensive coordinator who is struggling to find a way to score points. It is amazing that the Jets have four victories this season. Next: +6.6 at Buffalo Bills - Sun, Nov. 19 – O/U: 40 (ATS: 4-4-1 – O/U: 3-6)

23. Atlanta Falcons (4-6): The Falcons lost a close game to the Cardinals, 25-23. They are competitive each week but need a quarterback to get them to the next level. With running back Bijan Robinson, wide receiver Drake London, and tight end Kyle Pitts, all high first round picks, there is talent on the offensive side of the ball. Next: Bye – Following week: N/A vs New Orleans Saints – Sun, Nov. 26 – O/U: N/A (ATS: 2-8 – O/U: 4-6)

24. Tennessee Titans (3-6): The Titans had a disappointing performance at Tampa Bay, losing 20-6 to the Buccaneers. Rookie quarterback Will Levis completed 19 of 39 passes for 199 yards. Levis was sacked 4 times and hit 13 times. The offensive line did not help, and the rushing attack produced just 42 yards on the ground. Next: +6.5 at Jacksonville Jaguars Buccaneers – Sun, Nov. 19 – O/U: 40.5 (ATS: 4-5 – O/U: 2-7)

25. Washington Commanders (4-6): The Commanders and quarterback Sam Howell were competitive with the Seahawks on the road, but in the end lost 29-26. The Commanders average 4.4 yards per carry on the ground, but only 87 yards per game rushing. They have the highest pass percentage of any NFL team at 68.7% of their offensive plays. They should be more balanced. Next: -9.5 vs New York Giants – Sun, Nov. 19 – O/U: 36.5 (ATS: 5-4-1 – O/U: 5-5)

26. Green Bay Packers (3-6): The Packers lost to the Steelers, 23-19 on the road. This team is headed for a top ten pick in the 2024 NFL draft, and they need to decide if quarterback Jordan Love is the answer or if someone like Oregon quarterback Bo Nix is the best choice for their future. Next: +3 vs Los Angeles Chargers - Sun, Nov. 19 – O/U: 43.5 (ATS: 4-5 – O/U: 4-5)

27. Los Angeles Rams (3-6): The Rams are coming off their bye week and hopefully can find their offensive rhythm this week. Quarterback Matthew Stafford is expected back, and the Rams do have All-Pro wide receiver Cooper Kupp healthy and rookie wide receiver star Puka Nacua. There is too much talent on the roster to be held to three points by the Packers, as they were in their previous game. Next: +1 vs Seattle Seahawks – Sun, Nov. 19 – O/U: 46 (ATS: 4-4-1 – O/U: 3-6)

28. Chicago Bears (3-7): The Bears found an opponent they could beat, knocking off the Panthers 16-13 in Chicago. Since the Bears own the Panthers first round pick, the win was huge for the Bears in the 2024 NFL draft, because the Bears are well positioned to have two top ten picks in that draft and might have the top pick in the draft. Next: +9.5 at Detroit Lions - Sun, Nov. 19 – O/U: 46.5 (ATS: 3-5-2 – O/U: 6-4)

29. Arizona Cardinals (2-8): Quarterback Kyler Murray, a two-time pro bowl selection, returned Sunday from an ACL injury suffered in December of 2022, and led the Cardinals to their second victory of the season, a 25-23 victory over the Falcons. Murray passed for 249 yards and rushed for 33 yards and a touchdown in the win. Next: +4.5 at Houston Texans - Sun, Nov. 19 – O/U: 47.5 (ATS: 5-5 – O/U: 6-4)

30. New England Patriots (2-8): The Patriots proved that they could lose in Germany as well as the United States, losing to the Colts in Munich. The Pats are averaging 14.1 points per game, which is 31st in the NFL. They have a chance for a win next week against the Giants in the Crummy Game of the Week. Next: Bye – Following week: N/A at New York Giants – Sun, Nov. 26 – O/U: N/A (ATS: 2-8 – O/U: 3-7)

Ty Nowell - LA Chargers

6th-year punter J.K. Scott - averaging 44.1 yards per punt (39.9 Net) and 31.6% of punts inside 20-yard line for Chargers this season

31. New York Giants (2-8): After losing 49-17 to the Cowboys, it would be easy to conclude that the Giants are not very good. The defense is being asked to win games because the offense cannot generate points. The Giants average a league low 11.8 points per game. Outside of running back Saquon Barkley, the Giants have no offensive threats to anyone whatsoever. Next: +9.5 at Washington Commanders – Sun, Nov. 19 – O/U: 38.5 (ATS: 2-7-1 – O/U: 2-8)

32. Carolina Panthers (1-8): Rookie Quarterback Bryce Young continues to struggle, and the Panthers continue to lose, with the latest loss a 16-13 loss to the Bears. The Panthers need an infusion of talent on offense, starting with the offensive line. It is hard to judge Young with the lack of offensive talent around him. Next: +10.5 vs Dallas Cowboys - Sun, Nov. 19 – O/U: 41.5 (ATS: 1-6-2 – O/U: 3-6)


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