Culver City Democrats Endorse Biden And Lee

What comes as no surprise the Culver City Democratic Club launched their endorsement process for the March 2024 Primary Election last week, voting on the two Federal offices on the ballot.

President Joe Biden handily won support for a second term, with over 95% of the votes.

Over half of voters chose Representative Barbara Lee to replace the late Senator Diane Feinstein, but she did not reach the 60% threshold for endorsement on the first ballot. Representative Adam Schiff finished second, with a slight lead over Representative Katie Porter. Lee won the endorsement in the runoff. She is also supported by Culver City's Federal and State elected officials: Representative Sydney Kamlager, State Senator Lola Smallwood-Cuevas, and State Assembly Majority Leader Isaac Bryan, who are all members of the Culver City Democratic Club.

State and local endorsements will be determined in November and December; voters should look for the Club's endorsement card to arrive alongside their mail-in ballot early next February.

The Culver City Democratic Club is the city's oldest and largest political organization, as well as its leading producer and publisher of political content. All registered Democrats are welcome and encouraged to join. Please visit to learn more.


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