Kids scoop Covers Soccer Game

Maya Ramirez age 10

On August 27th, I attended the Angel City FC vs OL Reign game in the BMO Stadium in Los Angeles. I was honored to be invited as a KidScoop Media reporter and got to watch the game from up high in the BMO Press Box. After the game, I was able to interview Megan Rapinoe (#15) from OL Reign, Aly Riley (#5) from ACFC, and the coaches from both teams.

The match was intense as soon as the referee blew the whistle signaling the start of the first half. As the pink smoke blew through the air from the loud Fan Supporter Section, there was cheering and excitement in the stands, and pressure on the field. OL Reign had good control over the ball, but ACFC pushed through hard and won the ball several times. At the 13th minute, Scarlett Camberos (#15) made a beautiful play for ACFC. She took the ball and dribbled down the line, making it past the goalie and crossed it to Clarisse Le Bihan (#29). Le Bihan took a shot and scored, making the score 1-0. The ACFC fans went wild and cheered in celebration.

In the second half, Alyssa Thompson (#21) was fouled, and ACFC was given a free kick. Savannah McCaskill (#9) took the kick, and Madison Hammond (#99) followed it up by scoring a second goal for ACFC!

As the game continued, a foul was called against Camberos (#15) in the penalty box. The legendary Megan Rapinoe (#15) from OL Reign took the shot, and scored. The score was now 2-1. You could feel the fans were nervous, but kept cheering for ACFC to keep working hard.

The two teams continued fighting to win the ball. Sofia Huerta (#3) from OL Reign almost tied up the game in the 85th minute, but ACFC keeper DiDi Haračić (#13) pushed out the ball and kept it from going into the goal. This was the Save of the Game! After a hard fought and exciting game, ACFC beat OL Reign for the first time in ACFC history. This was a big win for ACFC and all of Los Angeles. The crowd went wild, and so did I from the Press Box!

After the game, I had a chance to do a few interviews in the Press Room. I started off my question to Megan Rapinoe "You're such an inspiration to kids" and asked her "What will you do after you retire?" She responded "I probably will just go on vacation." She also said "I won't disappear completely, I feel like I will still be around, minus the playing. I will probably still be doing a lot of the same stuff that I'm doing right now, and see how much the game has changed and grown, because this atmosphere didn't exist back then when I started playing." Having the chance to attend Rapinoe's last game in Los Angeles before her retirement from a great soccer career in the NWSL was amazing. "Pinoe" has inspired girl soccer players like me.

I asked ACFC Captain Aly Riley "how does it feel to win at home in a sold out BMO stadium with about 22,000 fans?" She responded with a big smile "it feels great!" She was very energetic. I was happy to get to ask her a question because she is one of my favorite ACFC players.

This was an amazing experience I will never forget. Thank you, Kid Scoop Media for the opportunity.


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