Attorney General Bonta Files Notice of Appeal to Overturn District Court Decision on Large-Capacity Magazines

California Attorney General Rob Bonta on Friday filed a notice of appeal to overturn a district court decision striking down California's large-capacity magazine ban. The notice of appeal, filed just hours after the district court issued its decision and temporary stay, is the first step toward seeking a further stay of the decision by the Ninth Circuit pending appeal to ensure that these vital public safety protections remain in place to prevent gun-related deaths and injuries in California communities.

"In the past half-century, large-capacity magazines have been used in about three-quarters of gun massacres with 10 or more deaths and in 100 percent of gun massacres with 20 or more deaths," said Attorney General Bonta. "We will continue to fight for our authority to keep Californians safe from weapon enhancements designed to cause mass casualties. The Supreme Court was clear that Bruen did not create a regulatory straitjacket for states - and we believe that the district court got this wrong. We will move quickly to correct this incredibly dangerous mistake. We will not stop in our efforts to protect the safety of communities and Californians' rights to go about their business without fear of becoming victims of gun violence, while at the same time respecting the Second Amendment rights of law-abiding gun owners."

The notice of appeal can be found here.


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