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By Stephen Hadland
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School Board Sacks Quac Tran

CCUSD Superintendent Quoc Tran Suddenly Resigns


September 14, 2023

CCUSD Superintendent Quoc Tran Suddenly resigned at Tuesday's meeting of the Culver City Board of Education effective immediately.

Current CCUSD Assistant Superintendent of Educational Services Dr. Angela Baxter has graciously agreed to step up to serve as Acting Superintendent until we are able to appoint an Interim later this week. For that purpose, the Board will be calling an emergency meeting on Thursday, August 17, to meet interim candidates. The Board looks forward to appointing and introducing our interim superintendent to employees and the school community by the end of the week.

The board couched the resignation with a separation agreement resulting in Superintendent Tran's departure from the District, effective August 15, 2023. Trustees Ezidore, Loredo, and Guerrero voted for and trustees Amezola and Kent voted against approval.

The Board of Education is grateful to Superintendent Tran for his leadership over the past 2 years, including his oversight during the challenging times of COVID, online learning, and return to in-person instruction. The Board of Education is asking the school community to join them in wishing Superintendent Tran well in his new endeavors and his continued work in service to students and public education.

The Culver City Observer will update this continuing story as it develops.

The complete letter from the board follows.


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