Patricia Ann Baker September 3, 1939-May 28, 2023


Patricia Ann Baker, aka Pat Pallas, passed away peacefully at her daughter Laura’s home in Culver City surrounded by her three children, one of her grandsons, and her two beloved Dachshunds.

She is survived by her three children Ken Pallas, Laura Singer, Lisa Kneebone and her two grandsons Ryan Pallas and Blake Kneebone.

Born September 3, 1939 in Chicago Illinois Patricia came to Culver City with her mother in the late 1950’s. She attended Culver City High School and graduated in 1957.

She was married three times. First to Gerald Parsons. Later to Frank Pallas who predeceased her and then John Baker who also predeceased her.

She was a long time resident of Culver City where she raised her three children who also attended Culver High.

During this time Pat was a well-known CCHS faculty member who pioneered the first Guidance Information Center at the school enhancing student career development and enrichment. After thirty-three years, Pat retired from CCHS in 1998.

The Pallas family was well known for their weeklong summer vacations and weekend water skiing at various lakes in California and Arizona with friends and extended family. These were fun filled summers that continued almost every year; long after all three children had graduated from CCHS.

Besides water skiing, Pat loved music and singing. She joined Sweet Adeline Santa Monica Chorus. Pat formed a quartet with her two daughters called “Naturally”. The quartet in various iterations competed in nationwide Sweet Adeline competitions as well as professional performances.

After Franks passing, Pat remarried and wed John Baker. They later relocated to Apple Valley, California. Pat continued to participate in Sweet Adeline’s and pursued other hobbies such as sewing and needlework.

She did not have enough to do so she joined the Apple Valley gun Club and took up shooting. She progressed and became an excellent trap shooter with her 20 gauge shot gun.

After John passed away, she took up another interest: travel.

This was the realization of her lifetime. Since her childhood, she had always dreamed of traveling throughout the world. Pat wanted to see the world and other cultures. So she put on her walking boots and her life vest and cruised to places in Europe, Central America, Africa, and even India.

Pat displayed no fear and charted many of the shore experiences, including zip lining. On several of these trips, she brought one or both of her grandsons to enrich each of their lives while providing companionship.

While completing her bucket list Pat returned to Culver City and took up residence in her original home where she had raised her family. A few of the old neighbors were still around and welcomed her back.

She began to accumulate dogs, miniature Dachshunds. At one point in time, she had four of these little loving dogs. She lavished her love upon them; they returned her love and provided her comfort.

Words are all we have to describe the wonderful person and mother we have had in our lives. The deeper sentiments we carry in our hearts where words fail. Her family and her friends will forever miss her.

God welcomes her in heaven.


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