California's 'ZEERO' Offers Low-Waste Shop to Level Up Conscious Consumption with Curated Cruelty Free Products

According to the Biz Women: Business Journals 6 in 10 Americans are practicing conscious consumption and one innovative company has its finger on the pulse of this trend. Meet ZEERO, an onsite space that provides eco-friendly products that do not require radical lifestyle changes. The owners of ZEERO know "Simple changes can have significant impacts on the amount of waste we produce as humans." ZEERO is a leader in that movement.

The forward-thinking online retailer sells everything a savvy shopper needs for kitchen cleaning, laundry care and even dental hygiene. Products like compostable eco dish sponges and bamboo toothbrushes garner 5 stars. The vegan and cruelty free curated items are delivered with care in biodegradable packaging.

The founders of ZEERO focus on engaging in the economy with more awareness of how individual consumption impacts society. Brainchild of Ces Dolojan and Arcelya Morales the low-waste living lifestyle site is bridging the gap for consumers who want to make a change but do not know where to start. Ces and Arcelya want every customer to care for their bodies, home, and mental health in a way that puts less strain on our resources and becomes a daily practice in sustainability.

Morales, a San Francisco State University graduate is reimagining the landscape with sustainable goods and services. Together with Ces, this dynamic duo is creating an easy foray into healthy self-care products with no chemicals or large carbon footprint. ZEERO stands on four pillars of business offering goods that are natural, sustainable, compostable, and cruelty free. From vegan dental floss to wool dryer balls, fans of the site rave "Very good I recommend them."

As the California brand grows it continues" To deliver high-quality and products that are safe for the earth."


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